All About Moon Thomas

All About Me

Ten Things About Me

1. I like snowy days

2. I like rainy days

3. I like rock music

4. I like going to the gun safety range

5. My favorite food is Mexican

6. I like the singer, Pink

7. I have two daughters - Lindy and Breanna

8. I like to wear the color black

9. I like my new black hoodie

10. I want to go back to Germany

My Most Embarrassing Moment

When I was in the fourth grade, my buddies and I were waiting for the bus to go home. We saw we were standing on a large mound of fire ants (large red ants). We decided to scoop up the ants with our lunch boxes and throw them on one another. When I got home, I had over 200 ant bites on my body and I nearly died. My mom was very angry with me and so was the principal when I finally returned to school.

Additional Photographs

Strange Questions I Have Been Asked

Weird Questions

1, Why do you always wear black?

2. Do you wear black because your are depressed?

3. Why do you like the night time so much?