What Makes Sacrifice Worth The Loss

By Lindsay Marcinkevich

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To Sacrifice something is to give up something that you value (time, money, ect.) fro the sake of others or yourself. Sometimes, giving up something will help yourself, and sometimes it will help others. Either way, sacrificing things can benefit you more in a way than the thing you sacrificed.

Personal Sacrifice

Every fall and spring, me and my family volunteer to clean up leaves at either Memorial or Ponds Park. We rake all morning, and it is worth the loss of time because we have cleaner parks and lakes.

The Fault In Our Stars

Hazel, the main character in The Fault In Our Stars, has terminal lung cancer. Because of her cancer, she and others close to her have to make many sacrifices. One of the sacrifices Hazel feels she has to make is to protect people from her death, because she is scared of making people sad because she is going to die. She tells Augustus, a boy she likes, this; "'Hi, so okay, I son't know if you'll understand this but I can't kiss you or anything. Not that you'd necessarily want to, but I can't. When I look at you like that, all I can see is what I'm going to put you through. Maybe that doesn't make sense to you. Anyway, sorry.'"(Green, 101)

Personal Sacrifice

One of the sacrifices that I make is going to Feed My Starving Children. About twice a year I volunteer at FMSC, an organization that packs food for people living in third world countries. Every time I go there, me and the people also packing there feed about 50-60 kids for a year. I sacrifice my time to go feed kids less fortunate than me, and it is worth the loss of my time because I am helping people live a better life, even though they live in third world countries.

Titanic Engineers- Real World Example

When the Titanic hit an iceberg, all the engineers decided to stay on board keeping the electricity and telegraph lines running so that everyone could get on a life boat and they ship could call for help. They sacrificed their lives and saved thousands, trying to make people suffer less and live by trying to keep the boat in working condition and normal. This is kind of like Hazel's sacrifice. She tries to sacrifice the possibility of a relationship to make people suffer the least. The Titanic engineers keep the lights on and electricity working for as long as possible to try and make them suffer the least. This video explains some of the sacrifices that the Titanic engineers made.
Saving The Titanic Trailer BIFF 2013

The Testing

It is Cia's dream to be chosen for the Testing. When she finishes school and is picked, Cia is ecstatic. However, her father's startling confession to her shows her a world of deathly encounters and sacrifice. Once she gets there, she knows that her father spoke the truth, and her worst nightmare begins, as she goes into the first test. "'Two steps inside and I stop walking. My feet are planted to the floor as bile climbs up my throat. White walls. White floors. Black desks. This is the Testing room from my father's nightmares.'"(Charbonneau, 78). She knows that the most deathly encounter of her life is going to start, because her father risked the death penalty for treason to protect her.

9-11 and Richard Rescorla- Real World Example

Richard Rescorla was responsible for saving over 2,500 people's lives when the World Trade Center was hit. He held evacuation drills twice a year and evacuated people up until he died. This is a lot like Cia's father, sacrificing himself to make sure that his daughter will come out of the Testing alive. He sacrificed himself to make sure that 2,500 people got to safety.

Zero Day

In Zero Day, many sacrifices are made, both on a professional and private level. One of the most noteworthy sacrifices in the book is made by Agent Alaverez. "'There's no time', Addie said frantically. 'It's a bomb,' she nodded towards the camera. The timer now read fifty-one seconds. 'You should get out of here or you're going to die, too.' 'No way, Songbird,' Alaverez said. 'I'm not leaving you behind.'"(Gangsei 351). Agent Alvarez risks her own life to save Addie's as a friend and as part of her job. It is worth it because she does save Addie's life.
This poem shows the sacrifice that American soldiers make for America to be free. Some even sacrifice their lives. This relates to the sacrifice secret service agents may make be forced to make protecting our country.

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