Carmel EduCare Older Two's

Ms. Jo & Ms. Charlene

Clifford Came to visit!

On Wednesday, we were surprised by a special visit from Clifford the Big Red Dog! We got to go to the auditorium in "the big kid's school" and enjoy a few songs and games with Clifford! We sang "Clifford the Big Red Dog" (to B-I-N-G-O) and we played, "Clifford, Clifford, Where's Your Bone?" (doggie, doggie where's your bone?) It was a very special treat! If you would like to see Clifford again, he will be at Cool Creek Park Nature Center at 7 PM tonight for a free program! (Feel free to wear pjs!) There will be music and a story along with a snack!

A Few Notes

We have had a really busy week learning all about the farm! We have made chicken puppets, cows, pigs, sheep, and horses! Yesterday, the kids made barns with our high school helper! She picked the project herself and prepared and executed it with the kids independently! They are all very cute and very unique as each child is learning how to paint and glue all by themselves! You will notice that often eyes, ears, feet, etc. are not necessarily in the correct is all about the process! :) If you have a moment at pick-up you should check out our art wall inside the room!

Ms. Charlene will return on Monday from her National Guard duty. The kids are very excited to have her back. We will be learning about sports next week! Be sure to take a moment and check your child's cubby for clothes as well as hats and gloves for outside time! It is still chilly at 8:30 when we go outside! Brrrrr. We have had to fight some frost and ice the past few mornings. We will go out each day as long as the windchill is at or above 25 degrees!

On December 4th, we will be visiting the Holiday Secret Shop at the high school. If you have never been before, it is a lot of fun! The kids get to bring money and Christmas shop for family members. Items range from $.50 to $9. The kids are guided through the store individually by a high school student. The student will help them shop from a shopping guide (this will come home later!) for each person, and they will help wrap the gifts for the kids to take home and put under the tree! :) I have gone in the past, and it is a very fun experience for the kids. They are always so proud of what they buy. (They are not always great at keeping it a secret though!)


When Charlene returns next week we will be discussing ideas of how to celebrate Thanksgiving in our room. In the past we have done several different things. I have made "Stone Soup" (vegetable soup Yummy!) and invited parents/grandparents in, I have had a carry in and we as a class enjoy a special lunch, and some classes have requested just ingredients and we do the cooking (either just as a class or invite our families to enjoy). I am very interested in your opinions and feedback on this matter so that we can try to decide on which way is best to celebrate this very special holiday! Please feel free to email me or catch me at the end of the day and share your thoughts!


If anyone is in need of babysitting during the holiday season (or anytime really) please feel free to contact me (Ms. Jo)! I am usually available with relatively short notice! I know holiday parties will be starting soon, you may need to do some Christmas shopping, or you might just need a date night! :)