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Updates & Reminders from the PCE Library Media Center

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End User Responsibilities

Read and be familiar with the MCSD User Log-on Agreement. Remember, only use MCSD devices for school business. Refrain from using personal devices for school related work and communication. This also applies to access of Smartphones on the MartinSchools WIFI.

Save all passwords ; contact the HelpDesk for forgotten user log-on password.

IWB Maintenance

Clean projector filters except for BrightLink filters which are cleaned under contract by ITI. Turn IWB projection devices off, not in mute mode to save life of lamp.

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HP Desktop Daily Routine

Be sure to Log Off all computers NOT Power Down all computers nightly for ET backup. Monitors no longer have to be powered OFF. In addition, use the shortcut: WINDOWS key-L to lock screen when leaving your device. Unlock the desktop using CTRL-ALT-DEL.

TIM - Technology Integration Matrix

If you are looking to dive deeper into the technology integration matrix and learn more about its use in the classroom, we have licenses available for a one-month online course offered through the Florida Center for Instructional Technology at USF. Our Digital Leaders have already been through the class and are able to answer any questions you may have.

Substitute Teachers

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Substitute Access

All MCSD substitute teachers have their own login credentials.

Pattern for username is first six letters of last name followed by first letter of first name.

Default password is Welcome359$.

A generic substitute user credential is available for Safari Montage.

UN: pce-sub PW: martin

Considering using Livebinders, GAFE, or an external drive to share lesson plan and resources with substitute teachers.

New Tech Tools Already Here or Coming Soon!

1. GAFE – Google Apps for Education

a. Google Drive – similar to ‘F’ drive repository

b. Google Docs – Word equivalent

c. Google Slides – PowerPoint equivalent

d. Google Forms – similar to Survey Monkey or Survey Gold

e. Google Sheets – Excel equivalent

f. Google Drawings

g. Google Hangouts – Similar to Skype

h. Google Plus

i. Google Classroom

2. Kami – provides ability to annotate PDFs

3. Flubaroo - Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments

4. ClassLink – Single Sign-in for Password Vaulting in addition to Symbaloo-like functions

What is Google Apps for Education?
Saving to Google Drive - Kami Tutorial
Flubaroo Overview
Introduction to ClassLink

Library Media Department at Palm City Elementary

The PCE Library Media Center (LMC) of today is NOT just about BOOKS anymore! It’s about EMPOWERING students to be masters of their own learning.

1. Yesterday's libraries were all about books. Today's libraries are all about readers.

2. Yesterday's libraries were all about getting information. Today's libraries are all about creating and sharing information.

3. Yesterday's libraries were all about silent individuals. Today's libraries are all about active groups.

4. Yesterday's libraries were all about term papers. Today's libraries are all about multimedia hands-on collaborative projects.

The PCE LMC embraces the concepts of today’s library!