Lakota Special Services



  1. Provide Lynda and Andrea with staff names and times so they can visit Phonics First Lessons.
  2. If you haven't signed up for our "sit down" meetings, please do so this week.
  3. Collect copies of data binder checklists from administrators.

Out of the Office

Lynda and Andrea-Tuesday morning attending leadership training at VOA

Lynda and Andrea-Wednesday morning-4 county meeting

Lynda and Andrea-Thursday morning-Principal meeting at CO

Webinar: Feel free to join in.

The Legal Consequences of Involving Law Enforcement for Students With Disabilities

Presented by Jim Walsh, Esq.

January 28, 2016 • 12 - 1:30 p.m. ET

Home Instruction Teachers Needed

Please announce to your building special education teams that we are in need of Home Instructors. If anyone is interested in having their name added to the Home Instruction List, their building administrator can send Lynda an email recommending the staff member.

Special Services continues to support Co-Teaching Training

Katie Enneking will attend Marilyn Friend's Co-Teaching Training with the following staff:

  • Hopewell Elementary- Jo Pinder, Lauren Dillon (Schultz)
  • Independence Sandy Benson, Melissa Pence

ODE presentation: Cathy Csanyi

Cathy will be presenting to our Lakota Related Services (OT, PT, and APE) staff this Friday 1/22/2016 at 10:00. This will be held at East HS in the Community Room. Please join them if you're interested. She will focus on the topic: Integrated Related Services.

You rocked it!

Last Friday's ETR Meeting:

Awesome work to the entire team! Andrea was proud to be at the table with you. A big thank you to all!