Kindness Is Key


Stay nice

People will become your friends if you are nice. So help others and do kind things daily.

Stop Bullying BE KIND

Bullying makes people feel down and think horrible thoughts. But there are multiple types of bullying. Cyber bullying is when a preteen or teen is harassed, humiliated, tormented, or other wise on any type of technology.

Three Ideas To be Kind Daily

-Say "Good Morning" To people around you.

-Open the doors for others instead of shutting it one their faces.

-Give donations to charities that need it.

We are all Friends

Be nice to people even if they are mean to you. There are others who are bullied just like you. So stand together. Go check out this website.

It talks about cyber bullying and pink shirt day.

Pink Shirt Day

Wednesday, Feb. 24th 2016 at 12am

This is an online event.

Show your support against bullying. Wear a pink shirt on February 24. For more information check out the link above ^^. This is an online event!! So on that day post a picture of you in your pink shirt on any social media with the hashtag #pinkshirtday