Team 7 Newsletter

April 13-17

Contact Information for Teachers



phone: 785-289-9724 (Google Voice)

online: Schoology Messenger

Language Arts


phone: 785-915-1275 (Google Voice)

online: Schoology Messenger

Social Studies


online: Schoology Messenger



phone: 785-717-4844 (leave a voicemail it will be forwarded to my e-mail)

online: schoology messenger

Technology Help

Help Desk

If your student is have problems with his/her tablet please contact the help desk.

phone: 785-717-4357

The Help desk is open from 7am-5:30pm

Student's Daily Expectations

Every day students are expected to attend live sessions, complete work for classes and check their email.

Live sessions are for students to ask questions and teachers to clarify certain concepts.

Daily work is for students to receive lessons and work on practice.

This means that work will be required of the student for each day of the week, even if the student does not meet for a live class that day.

So for example: a student in 2nd hour math attends a live session on Monday and Wednesday, and they have work that they need to complete for math Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Here is a daily checklist you can have your student follow...

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Student Schedule and Class Information

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Translating the Newsletter

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Class Information


I want to thank everyone for being patient with everything this week! I know this is a new world that we are all navigating and we are all trying to get used to new things.

I enjoyed being able to meet with students this week and am excited to continue to meet and work with students for the next few weeks!

Below are the following things for my class:

  • A snapshot of the calendar for the week of what will be expected from students everyday
  • A survey for you as parents to ask me questions
  • A brief description of what my office hours looks like
  • Course Syllabus-there were changes made from the one that was attached last week

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Office Hours

Starting this week I will meet with students who sign up for my office hours through Zoom.

Students will receive an email from me with a link to join the Zoom meeting. Students should click that link at the start of their office hours in order to meet with me.

It is very important that if a student does not need to meet that day, they either remove their name from the sign up sheet or email me saying they do not need to meet.

Updated Math Syllabus

Language Arts

Week 2 is upon us, and things are starting to come together! :)

Most of our work this term will be through CommonLit. Please ensure your child has created his/her account and email me if help is needed. You can access the "How to use CommonLit" Power Point below to help with this process.

During the first week, students read the article called "First Female Army Rangers", annotated the text, and completed the quiz on the reading in CommonLit. They also completed close reading notes, and a discussion question about the article in Schoology.

The second week will focus on using the information students learned about the article to respond to the essential question: What are the advantages and disadvantages of challenging the status quo? Students will write a MEAL (make a claim, evidence, analysis, link) paragraph to complete this assignment in Schoology.

To end the week, students will review skills in reading and writing through i-Ready READING. The PowerPoint "How to use i-Ready READING" is included below to assist students with this process.

Thank you for all of your help through this challenging process, and if you or your student need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask! I have a link to office hours on my Schoology course page that students should take advantage of if they find themselves struggling. :)

Calendar of Assignments

Social Studies

Week 3: April 20th-25th

We are keeping it rolling in week 3! We have a busier schedule this week. We are still in our SWANA unit, but we have a few more tasks that students need to complete individually. I will try to make even clearer what is expected on Schoology, but we will technically have 4 assignments this week to complete outside of live sessions. They will be labeled with those numbers in Schoology as well, so there is no confusion. Two will be given after the first live session, due by the next time I see the students, and the other two will be given after the second session, due by the beginning of week 4.

I also just opened up a fun discussion board for students to talk and interact with things that aren't necessarily schoolwork. They can post comments and upload images and videos of what they have been up to during quarantine. My only two rules are that they are all school appropriate posts, and that in some way, they tie the post to something we have learned in Geography! This will not be graded, just something fun I thought that I think out students will appreciate. I will post my own activities as well since I don't get to tell them about it every day!

Intro to Online World Geo:

I am beyond excited to get back to teaching! And I know it might not be as exciting for our students compared to some of the TV shows many have been binging, but I think we have some quality activities prepared for the rest of the semester.

Below are the following attachments, which are also found on Schoology:

Course Syllabus

Tentative Weekly Schedule

The welcome video is too large for this :( so it will be on Schoology only.

Please read through these and watch the welcome video so you know what to expect going forward! I still look forward to a lot of success from everyone!

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Excited to keep learning about astronomy and space with you and your students.

Please do not get overwhelmed if you cannot get into pearson. I have copied the textbook pages that are needed for that days assignment in the directions. Just scroll below the directions to find them. Pearson assignments are optional, just more diagrams, videos, and some virtual labs to help with understanding. The assignments students are responsible for completing are all in schoology.

Homework grades from last week have been entered in Skyward.

We are working on 1.3 and 1.4 this week which includes moon phases and eclipses.

There will be an assessment coming up next week.

Hope you are all staying healthy. If you have questions, please let me know.

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Science Syllabus E-Learning

Sign in instructions