To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the Question!

What is a Blog?

One of the biggest challenges educators new to blogs face is understanding what is a blog and how a blog works.

The video below will explain this for you.

What is a Blog

Reasons Educators Blog

The main reasons why educators have personal blogs include:

  • Share information and tips with other educators.
  • Collaborate with a global audience. Increased collaboration with others, leads to greater innovation and ideas, because each individual sees a different perspective – giving all involved greater “food for thought!”
  • To reflect on their learning or their teaching /work practices.
  • To learn how to blog themselves so they can use blogs effectively with their students.

Refer to The State of Educational blogging in 2013 for more information on why educators use blogs.

Your personal blog extends your relationships outside of your school and allows you to connect with global educators who all willingly help each other.

Using Blogs as Part of your PLN

You may be wondering-- ‘Why anyone would blog and why others read their blogs?’

The online tools are great for sharing information. But blogging fills what those tools lack; the ability to reflect, collaborate, exchange ideas and connect with other people.

The key components to making blogs part of your PLN are really simple:

  1. Read and comment on other people’s blog posts
  2. Publish posts on your own blog to reflect your thoughts, ideas and/or to share resources.

It’s also important to remember that not everyone who makes blogs part of their PLN are bloggers. It’s really up to you! Some educators prefer to read and comment on other people’s posts while other educators also have their own personal blog.

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Reading Blog Posts

Reading other bloggers’ posts is an important part of connecting with other educators.

One of the easiest ways to keep updated with posts from your favorite blogs is to subscribe to their RSS feed using Feedly (refer to these step by step instructions on how to set up Feedly). However, there are many bloggers who allow you to subscribe to their blog posts with just your email address.

Make sure as you read through blog posts that you include the section containing Comments at the end. Many other great tips can be found here! Don't forget to Comment on blog posts after you read them!

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Examples of Educator Blogs

Your personal / professional blog extends your relationships outside of your school and allows you to connect with global educators who all willingly help each other.

Here’s some examples of real Personal / Professional Educator blogs to see how they are used:

  1. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day
  2. The Edublogger
  3. The Principal of Change
  4. Free Technology for Teachers
  5. Cool Cat Teacher Blog
  6. Integrating Tech in the Primary Classroom
  7. Teacher Reboot Camp
  8. Dangerously Irrelevant
  9. Edublog Awards Best Individual Blog 2012

Ready to Start your Own Blog?

Follow the steps here and you'll be off and running!

Blogging Tools

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