How does you media product

represent a particular social group?

What is a social group?

A social group is a group of people that shares some social relation. To be a member of a social group requires interaction between the members of the group as well as identifying themselves as a member of the group.

there are various ways in which social groups can be broken down either though:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • religion
  • Ethnicity
  • Hobbies
  • social class

After considering all these factors that affect a social group I have tried to represent my target audience in a positive way as they are sometimes scrutinized by the media.

Target audience

The target audience for my pop magazine is teenage girls between the ages of 13-20 years old.My target audience are very fun, outing and extrovert initials. My target audience are energized by being around other people e.g. friends and family.keeping up to date with events in the world through social networking sites e.g. Instagram, twitter are exceptionally important to my target audience a this is there way of making sure that they are aware of the technological world they live in and in order to fit in they use this devices as standing out from others is not something my target audience particularly like to seek although they like to venture into their own path at times.In order to understand the way my targert audience are currently being represented and how they felt about this stereotypes I needed to conduct some market research. After conducting my research I noticed the main images that are used in pop magazines sometimes offer a positive and negative view to young girls, this is because they are sometimes made to aspire to become better and more successful young women or sometimes their self-esteem is being lowed by the media as they are made to feel unworthy and maybe fake .
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How I have chosen to represent my targert audience through my magazine