Alien Children

The Rise Of Nine

Alien Children attacking the American Government

In this book 9 children are saved from a foreign planet named Lorien. These children are sent to planet Earth to bring back their planet and bring back peace to the galaxy. These are also not your ordinary children they have special powers of what they go by "Legacies." Some have teleportation or telekinesis or even have the ability to shapeshift. There is one problem though there are these bad guys named Mogodorians. They were the ones who destroyed Lorien and the leader of the Mogs, Setrákus Ra is trying to stop the rise of nine.

Interesting Facts (Pittacus Lore)

Pittacus lore is a very different author. He is anonymous, and will never write a book about himself. The only facts given to the public in this 2010 interview state that he is a ruling elder from a planet called Lorien. He also states that he looks, talks, and walks like us and is telling Earth about his presence. His whereabouts are unknown.

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