Ready Rad!

Are YOU ready to be radiation free?

How do you feel when you are stuck underground all day every day? Do you want to see the sun again and gain freedom from your bunker? You won’t feel like that anymore with Ready Rad!

Ready Rad is an easy to use radiation free spray. With an easy spray bottle, you can spray Ready Rad on yourself and you are ready to go outside! Ready Rad also comes with a complementary radiation mask. Spray Ready Rad in the radiation mask for extra protection. For only $19.99 you will be ready to get out of that bomb shelter, and enjoy the sun!

Benefits of Ready Rad!

You need Ready Rad for protection against all the harmful effects of radiation. Radiation can cause hair loss, nausea, vomiting, and cancers. You can also protect your child from birth defects caused by the radiation. With Ready Rad, you will never need to worry about the effects of radiation again.

Ready Rad includes:

  • 12oz. Ready Rad fluid

  • an easy to use spray bottle that sprays in stream or mist!

  • a radiation mask

  • a leak proof storage box

Order Now!

The robots will be programmed with a program to go around and take any orders for Ready Rad. The Robots will also ship the product with no cost to you. Order now and you will receive a second bottle of Ready Rad free so both you and your friends can enjoy the sun together!