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The Yergey Library's new app is now available!

Classic Bible Study from Bishop John W. Howe

Over the past year, the Yergey Library has been gathering resources to create an application to host Bible study for a global market. The basis of our project is the production of audio teachings by retired Bishop and accomplished author, Bishop John W. Howe. Over his lifetime, Bishop Howe has compiled a large collection of teachings based on some of the most important topics in Biblical study. Bishop John Howe can explain the hardest, most complex theory in a way that is approachable and reassuring and Biblically sound. Along with Bishop Howe's teachings, sermons from Dean Kidd and Canon Bales have been included. Look for additional resources that will be coming soon to the Cathedral & Company app.

A special note to the Yergey Library's Board of Directors

It is with a great sense of gratitude that I am announcing the launch of our new app. Over the past two years, each of you have supported and guided me through an arduous process of app development. You have supported the Library financially and continually encouraged me to pursue our publishing goal. We have much to celebrate. Together, we have accomplished a task that began many months ago, directly because of the wisdom and dedication of our Board of Directors. I see great things ahead for our app. The possibilities are endless, because your support is constant. - Ashlie Darley, Librarian

Cathedral & Co. hosts a great collection of Bible studies and teachings for your mobile device. Listen anywhere, anytime.

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