Veteran's Day Program

for teachers

Veteran's Day at Hubenak is a big celebration! Every grade level has been learning a traditional American song during music class and will perform their song to honor the veterans in our community. The songs are tied together with student speakers giving the history of the songs and media to help bring the stories to life.

This event is very popular and last year, we outgrew our cafeteria/gym. Again this year, we will have two performance. Half of the school in each performance with 3rd grade performing as the highlighted grade level in both.

Please carefully look through all of the details leading up to this fun performance. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or a teammate that has been at Hubenak for a while.

The Details to Communicate with Parents starting NOW:

Date of your grade level program:

  • Thursday, November 6@ 8:30am - Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
  • Friday, November 7@ 8:30am - Pre-K, PPCD, 1st, 3rd, & 5th

What students should wear:

  • Pre-K & PPCD: White collared shirts and jeans
  • Kindergarten: Navy collared shirts and jeans
  • First Grade: Red collared shirts and jeans
  • Second Grade: Red collared shirts and jeans
  • Third Grade: painted flag shirts and jeans
  • Fourth Grade: Red collared shirts and jeans
  • Fifth Grade: Navy collared shirts and jeans

Begin adding this information to your weekly email blast and have student start writing this in their agendas beginning Friday, October 31st.

Looking ahead...

Plan with your team to determine what prop your students will make/wear and when you will implement it into your lessons. All students should have the SAME, student made prop.

  • Pre-K & PPCD: red, white and blue homemade instruments
  • Kinder: firework hats or Uncle Sam hats (please only choose one this year)
  • First: 3-corner hat
  • Second: I (heart) USA sash or star headband. Please choose only one for the whole grade level. Students should make or decorate these.
  • Third: flag shirts (already done - you're welcome!)
  • Fourth: drawings or Mountains, Prairies and Oceans (Mrs. Vogt and I will get with you about the specifics)
  • Fifth: flag mosaic

GLC's - please notify me if you plan to make any changes to this year's props.


Students will begin coming to the gym for specials on Friday, October 31st. This year, your class will stand in one long line. You may determine the order of the students in your line to strategically place students to encourage best behavior. However, your class will have an assigned location in the gym.

Here's what we need from you:

  • Once we assign your class order per grade level, you should begin bringing your class down in the assigned order.
  • Plan on missing the first 5 minutes of your conference on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 4 & 5. Please do NOT schedule parent conferences during these first 5 minutes of your planning time. Teachers will come in and observe the specials teachers seat your kids on Tuesday, then seat them yourselves on Wednesday.
  • Practice your grade level song with your students. Maybe as a packing up/end-of-day activity. See links below.

Click HERE to view K, 2, 3, 4 seating chart and handout

Click HERE to view PK, 1, 3, 5 seating chart and handout