Facts About Fossils!

By Avery Salvatore

Facts About the Woolly Rhino from Dogo News

  • The woolly rhino lived on Earth between 20,000 - 50,000 years ago
  • They were herbivores
  • They lived alone or in really small family groups
  • They had long gray-brown shaggy hair and two horns both made out of matted hair
  • The closest one is a rhino species that lives on the island of Sumatra

Facts About Woolly Mammoths from NEWSLA

  • Woolly mammoths are known for their heavy fur coats and long, curved teeth called tusks

  • They had extra bones called cervical ribs

  • Mammoths lived in a tough environment

  • They faced hunger and disease

  • 16 samples of mammoth bones from the base of the neck at the Natural History Museum

  • A scientist looked at other bones in comparison

Facts About Fossils from Fossils: A Peek into the Past

  • The Ice Age occurred between 1.6 million and 10,000 years ago
  • Woolly Mammoths are extinct
  • Carnivores are animals that eat meat
  • Herbivores are animals that eat plants
  • A Mammoth's tooth lasted 10,000 years or more
  • Mammoths weighed about 6 to 8 tons and were about 9 feet tall
  • Scientists never saw anything like what Mary found
  • There was a fossil craze in England
  • The place where Mary lived was and still is full of fossils to be discovered
  • The creature was named Plesiosaurus, meaning "almost like a lizard."
  • Mary learned her skills from her father