Lysander's Jamzzzzzz

Aaron deJong (Lysander has a good taste of music)

Theme: Love is fleeting

Lysander goes from loving Hermia to Helena and Demetrius love Helena instead of Hermia, then Lysander goes back to loving Hermia instead of Helena. There is a lot of switching of who loves who because of Robin Starvelling who likes to mess things up. Also, the characters don't even know that they don't usually or normally love who they love, they actually believe it because they just basically changed their minds on who they love, showing that there love fleets from person to person.

Satisfaction by Benni Benassi (Rl Grime remix)

Lysander has satisfaction because he has Hermia in the beginning and he is going to run away and be happy. There are no lyrics but you can tell from the title and the mood or beat of the song what the message is. There are sort of lyrics but you can't really tell what they're actually saying.
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (RL Grime Remix)

Let's go by Mayhem & Antiserum

This song doesn't have many lyrics but they say "let's go" a couple of times which is what Lysander wants to do with Hermia in the beginning, he wants to go from Athens to a different place. He wants to go to his rich relative with no heir, so he probably said something along the lines of "let's go" at some point to Hermia and then they left.
Lets Go- Antiserum and Mayhem

Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)

This song is about how good a person feels when he wakes up. He sort of has "that feeling" where you feel asleep and happy and he is talking about all this nature type stuff. In the play, Lysander is in the forest and has "that feeling" and feels good and happy. On a timeline of Lysander in the play this would be when he runs with Hermia.
Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)

Shot Me Down (Party Favor Trap Remix)

When Puck makes Lysander fall in love with Helena and leave Hermia, Hermia is very sad that her love and lover has left her so she feels like she just got shot down by Lysander which is the title of the song. Also in the song the singer says "my baby shot me down" which is basically what happens in A Midsummer Night's Dream, because Lysander says he would hurt her to have Helena and Hermia loves Lysander. SHe must have also been confused on how the last night he loved her then he suddenly turns so cold.
[Free DL▼] David Guetta ft. Skylar Grey - Shot Me Down (Party Favor Remix)

Shotgun by Rochelle and Yellow Claw

In this song, the reasons are similar to The previous song. The singer says "You shot me right in the face with a shotgun", so basically she was with a man in the song but he left her for another woman and dumps her so she is really sad. In the play, the same thing happens. Lysnader and Hermia love each other, then Puck makes Lysander love Helena instead of making Demetrius love Helena, so Lysander stops liking Hermia and loves another Woman, in this case Helena.
Yellow Claw feat. Rochelle - Shotgun (Radio Edit/Clean Version)

Shells by RL Grime

This song doesn't have very many lyrics, but it is called "Shells" which should give you a pretty basic idea of what the song is about. When Puck makes Lysander love Helena instead of Hermia, it felt to her like he was shooting her (with shells) because she says that he couldn't hurt her any worse than by saying that he hates her, and getting shelled would hurt, which is my analogy.
RL Grime - Shells

Need Your Heart by Adventure Club

Hermia and Lysander need each other's hearts because they love each other and don't want to be torn apart (from each other) and Lysander started to love Helena instead of Hermia, who he actually loves truly. Also, they practically need each other's hearts just to survive because they love each other so much that if Demetrius succeeded in getting Hermia from Lysander, they would have a pretty big chance of killing themselves.
Adventure Club - Need Your Heart (ft. Kai)

Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

When Puck's curse is lifted off of Lysander in the play after he says that he loves Helena, it is as if he just came back to life because he finally is seeing things as he saw them days ago, and normally. They also say "wake me up" at some times in the song which is almost the same as bringing him back to life because he just woke up from his trance of loving Helena (sort of) and started seeing things how he was supposed to and was earlier. (Note that this song and the next one are the only ones that are not trap songs!!)
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John

This song, if on a timeline for the play, would be after the curse is lifted off of Lysander and placed on Demetrius so that the four people form two perfect (sort of) couples. Then there is a lot of love in the night, which is why I chose this song. Also the lyrics seem to fit with the situation, especially the ones on the picture of the song before you click it. The king is Theseus who is being harsh on Hermia. The vagabond would probably be Demetrius or Hermi's father because they are annoying and try to force people to do stuff.
Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lyrics)

Mara by Carnage (Carnage & Breaux Festival Trap VIP)

I chose this song because even though it has no lyrics besides some guy shouting something out every once in a while, after each build-up, the music sounds pretty happy and the mood is happy, just like when everyone (Theseus, Hippolyta, Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius and Helena) is about to get married, there are parties and everyone is happy forever after. (Did Carnage make a remix of his own song with someone else?)
Carnage - Mara (Carnage & Breaux Festival Trap VIP)