Monday Memo, April 4, 2016

Funkstown School for Early Childhood Education

For the week of Monday, April 4 to Friday, April 8

OUR VISION: Inspiring Curiosity, Creativity, and Achievement

OUR MISSION: Building a learning environment that meets the needs of every student, fosters mutual respect, and social responsibility which is enhanced by strong partnerships between home, school, and community.

News, Notes and Reminders

Thanks to everyone - for the incredible displays of student work that have brightened our hallways on both sides of the building. I can't wait to see what "blooms" in the month of April!!!

Cicis Pizza fund raiser brought in $54.00. Thank you to the Fund Raising Committee and all who helped out by visiting Cicis. The winning classes - Mr. Dawson, Mrs. Rader, and Ms. Jackie will be rewarded with a class treat.

All iPads have been returned and all staff have been assigned an iPad. In working with the iPads it was noticed that some of them do not hold a charge for long. If you prefer to leave your iPad at school overnight, all iPad 2's can be plugged in on the PreK cart in the tech lab to be recharged at any time.

There are 45.5 (Kindergarten) teaching and learning days left in this school year!! (Pre-K 43 days) Let's make the most of every single day!

Monday, April 4th

Kindergarten CFIP- 11:45 in Jill and Amy's room.

You will find the link to the agenda here:

The Leadership Committee (SIT) will meet Monday, April 9th at 3:05 PM

Tuesday, April 5th

Pre-K CFIP- 11:00 in Devon and Melissa's room. You will find the link to the agenda here:

Wednesday, April 6th

IEP transition meetings today - You will find the agenda for the IEP meetings on the Funkstown IEP meetings shared doc. If you cannot find this document please see Bridget Stine.

Thursday, April 7th

IEP transition meetings today

Friday, April 8th

Happy Friday!

Nancy out today and Monday.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

Brad Henry

2016 April Staff Calendar

The following link to a Google calendar will keep you up-to-date on upcoming events for the month of April.


  • IEP/transition meetings for April - 6th, 7th, 13th, 20th 27th
  • April 19th- Kindergarten to Little Mermaid at The Maryland Theater.
  • April 21st- Kindergarten to Planetarium
  • April 22nd- Spring Walk-A-Thon
  • April 26th- Primary Election Day - No School, Funkstown office open, CES open.
  • April 28th and 29th Common Ground Conference in Ocean City.
  • May 2nd - 6th National Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 2nd and 3rd - Prekindergarten Family Conferences. No school for Pre-K
  • May 3rd - Teacher Appreciation Day
  • May 3rd and 4th - iPad's in Early Education. UMBC and Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort
  • May 3rd- Dinosaurs Rock program for Kindergarten students. PM
  • May 13th- Cinco De Mayo Day staff luncheon
  • May 17th- Ready at Five Symposium, Emotional Intelligence- From Theory to Practice - Turf Valley Conference Center.
  • May 19th- Pre-K to Misty Meadows Farm - Kindergarten to KinderKonzert
  • May 27th- Funkstown Field Day
  • May 30th- Memorial Day- Schools and CES closed
  • June- 3rd and 4th - End of Year Celebrations
  • June 7th- Last day of school for Pre-K students
  • June 8th- Last day of school for Kindergarten students
  • June 9th- Last day of school for staff
  • June 9th- Social/Wellness Committee Social- Destination to be determined.
  • June 10th- HAPPY SUMMER!