The Robopen

For joy and safety

What is The Robopen?

The Robopen is our latest invention. It's light, compact, fun and very usefull. It will change the world.

Why it's so special?

Because, this is anything but an ordinary pen. Connect it with you smartphone (via bluetooth) and it will transform into a tiny robot. That can be controled with the included app. With the app you can let the robot dance, fly, fight with other robopen, ... You can't imagine it.

But this robot is not only for joy. The Robopen is also a defens robot, that will defends and secure you when there is any danger. And it happens all by it self because it's has a scanner that scans the area. So when there actually is any reel danger it will activate. Ex: if somebody tries to rob you, will the Robopen by ex insert a poison so that he will be unconscious and you can call the cops.

The Robopen gives life more joy and safety.

Characteristics Robopen

  • Compact/light
  • For joy: It dances, flies,...
  • Secures you
  • ...