All About Me!

Shifali Verma


Hi, my name is Shifali Verma. I'm your average teen who’s legitimately obsessed with everything! I was born on Saturday, October 14 back in 2000 in India. When I was four, my family and I packed our bags and moved to Canada. I've been living in Brampton ever since. I’m 15 now and I go to Louise Arbour Secondary School. I have two sides to my personality. I'm an introverted bookworm and a total geek who can be socially awkward at times and prefers to stay indoors. At the same time, I love being the center of attention, cracking jokes, going on adventures and exploring new opportunities. Along with all of that, I am loyal to the core and a team player. I also value love and justice above everything else. In my spare time, you can find me rereading the Harry Potter series, drawing, watching YouTube videos, listening to music or riding my bike. I'm obsessed with the Harry Potter series, the TV show BBC Sherlock Holmes and countless YouTubers. I'm not sure what I want to be just yet, but I think I'd like to be a psychologist so I can help people with their problems because that's what I do best.

My Life Line

From the day I was born to present day me, you can find all my most memorable events here.

My Favourite Things

I absolutely love a lot of things but there are three things that I love the most.

Below are my favourite book series, singer and favourite YouTubers.

The Harry Potter Series

My favourite book series is the Harry Potter series. The books follow Harry Potter, an average teen who soon finds out he is a wizard. Along with his best friends, Harry overcomes many obstacles throughout his years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on his quest to defeat Lord Voldemort. I love Harry Potter for many reasons. Firstly, Harry Potter is a magical journey for the reader. From the first book to the last word in the series, the reader is absolutely hooked. Throughout my own journey, I have laughed, cried and fell in love with the extremely relatable characters such as Hermione Granger. Moving on, one thing I really love about the series is that the author addresses a variety of real-world problems throughout the books. Along with cast systems, discrimination faced by many, corrupt politicians, sexism and even death, the series is constantly taking real world problems into the books and teaching readers that even in magical worlds, these things exist and we need to fix them. Finally, the Harry Potter books have taught me how to fight my demons. Throughout the books, Harry’s mentors such as his teachers and godfather are continuously teaching him to get past the bad because good times will always come. For example, one of my favourite quotes is “Happiness can always be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light.” This quote has helped me every time I’m feeling down. To continue, in the books, Harry learns that to overcome his fears he has to face them and that has helped me face my fears such as being scared of the dark. The Harry Potter series is really important to me as I have grown and learned many things with the characters.


If you would like to learn more about the Harry Potter universe, visit the official website here

Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher Sheeran is my favourite singer. Born on February 17, 1991, Ed began his career in music with the release of his album + in 2011. Since then, he has been nominated for numerous awards and has been on tour. His second album, X, was released in 2014. Ed is currently taking a break from social media. I love Ed Sheeran for many reasons. To begin, Ed is multi-talented. He has an amazing voice, he can rap and he also plays guitar. Secondly, Ed takes out time for all his fans. For example, one of his fans was going to attend his concert, but two weeks after she brought her ticket, she was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to go. Ed took out time from his busy schedule to visit that fan in the hospital. Moreover, one of his fans was singing his song at a mall for a charity event. Hearing his lyrics, Ed quickly jumped on stage and sang a duet with his fan. Finally, all of Ed’s songs have great lyrics that we can all relate to. Ed talks about a lot of things in his songs from the influence of drugs (The A Team), his childhood (Photograph), love (Give me Love) and even death (Afire Love). All of his songs address something we have/will face at one point in our lives and I really like that. His songs aren’t meaningless raps or words about love and breakups, rather they’re more than that. It’s up to the listener to interpret the true meaning behind his songs. These are the main reasons why I love Ed!

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Ed's Official Website

For more information on Ed, you can visit his official website here

Dan and Phil

Daniel Howell and Philip Lester are two of my most favourite YouTubers. Dan and Phil are both British vloggers. Their screen names are Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil. They also have their own show on BBC Radio 1. The two best friends live together in an apartment and along with their own individual channels, they have a joint gaming channel together called DanandPhilGames. One reason I love Dan and Phil is because they are relatable. I can almost always to relate to the videos they make. Another reason I love them is because they are the ultimate example of what best friends should be like. They’re always there for each other. For example, when Dan was having a midlife crisis and didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, Phil comforted him and helped him decide what to do. Dan also dedicated a song to Phil on their radio show. Furthermore, they have both written a book and went on tour together. Their book, The Amazing Book is not On Fire, was an instant #1 New York Times bestseller. To continue, they are absolutely hilarious. Their videos, whether on their individual channels or on their joint gaming channel, always make me laugh. Moreover, every single year in November they make a video called “Phil is not on Fire” for every single year they’ve been friends. They also constantly feature in each other’s videos, which is every Dan and Phil fan’s dream come true. Lastly, I love Dan and Phil because they also take part in charitable events. The two best friends took part in the Red Nose Day campaign last year. I love how they both give back to the community and are down-to-earth even though they are famous. Dan and Phil are both amazing YouTubers.

Dan's channel

Phil's Channel

Red Nose Day Campaign Video

Dan's and Phil's Gaming Channel

Check out Dan and Phil's joint gaming channel

My Leadership Style

Although there are a few leadership styles I can relate to, my most dominant leadership style is leader as a persuader. I have used this leadership style numerous times in my life from when I was a child up till now. Being a leader as a persuader is when the leader assigns team members jobs in which they are skilled in, encourages everyone in the team to participate and includes the members while making the decision but makes the final decision themselves. Recently, I used this leadership style on September 10, 2015. This was a week before my best friend’s 15th birthday. I really wanted to do something special for my best friend Anahat but I was out of ideas. I asked my other friends if they knew what we should do for her and they told me they had no ideas either. That night I came up with an elaborate and overly complicated plan. I got my friends together and told them my idea. They liked the idea and we got to work. I asked my friend Maliha to bake a cake or cupcakes for the surprise party we were going to throw Anahat because Maliha loves to bake and she’s really good at it too. Avneet was to decide what other food we would have at the party because no one knows food better than Avneet. I thought two different flavors of chips would be fine but Avneet knew better. I was to make her a card from all of us and decorate her locker. It was also my job to distract Anahat at the beginning of lunch to give Maliha, Avneet and Sukhman time to get the food to the classroom we were throwing the party in. Finally, it was Sukhman’s job to help Avneet with the food and me with decorating the locker. Maliha and Avneet also had to distract Anahat while Sukhman and I were decorating her locker in the morning. Throughout the week I made sure that everyone was working on their jobs as well as working on my own. On the day of Anahat’s birthday, everything went really smoothly. Everyone completed their jobs on time and we were able to surprise her. The party was really fun as well and I’m glad I told Avneet and Sukhman to choose the food because two different flavors of chips wouldn’t have been the best decision.

My Influences

Throughout my life, I have been influenced by numerous things. A lot of what makes me who I am comes from my influences. The people who have influenced me the most are my parents, my older brother, my best friends and my role model. To begin, my parents have always been a good influence on me. They have taught me to respect my elders, always stay on the right path, tell the truth and have good manners. My parents (especially my mom) constantly give me and my older brother life lessons. Another influence in my life is my older brother Abhishek. Abhi is currently in his second year of university at Schulich School of Business which is one of the best universities in Canada for business. Throughout his years at Louise Arbour, he has joined countless clubs and is well known by numerous teachers. Some of my teachers have taught him and are always telling me to tell him to come and visit them. To continue, another huge influence in my life are my best friends. We have a lot of things in common and I know I can always count on them whenever I make bad decisions. For example, once when we were having lunch and I was drinking coke, my friends told me off for it. They were upset that I was drinking it way too often. In the end, I vowed to control how much coke I drank and I’m glad I did. Finally, the last thing that has greatly influenced me is my role model. Lilly Singh is my role model. Her work ethic, positive vibes and ability to go through everything in life with a smile has really influenced me to be who I am today. Ever since I have started watching her videos, I have been prioritizing others above myself, always smiling and been happier as a person. All of these people have influenced me a lot and I love what I have turned out to be.

My Role Model

There are numerous people in my life that I look up to but there’s one person who inspires me every day. Lilly Singh is my role model. Lilly is a YouTuber, vlogger, comedian and motivational speaker. She is known by her screen name IISuperwomanII. She was born on September 26, in Scarborough, ON, where she grew up. After getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology from York University, Lilly realized that she didn’t want higher education in the subject. Unsure of what to do with her life, she slipped into to depression. In October 2010, Lilly posted her first video on YouTube. Watching her videos made people laugh and it made her happy to think that she has brought a smile on someone’s face. Lilly decided to make YouTube her career so she could make even more people happy.

Since then, her YouTube account has accumulated over 1 billion views and over 7.9 million loyal subscribers. Her second channel, SuperwomanVlogs, has over 1 million subscribers. In 2015, she was listed in Forbes 30 under 30 and Forbes list of richest YouTubers. Lilly has also been on a world tour called A Trip to Unicorn Island and made a documentary under the same name. The 27-year-old has been nominated and won many awards such as the MTV Fandom Awards Social Superstar of the Year and the Streamy Awards First Person award. Finally, Lilly has met numerous superstars such as Dwayne Johnson,Ed Sheeran, Shay Mitchell,Selena Gomez and many more.

Lilly inspires me every day. She believes in positivty and equality. She is a huge workaholic and is ready to go the mile for friends. Lilly is always determined and believes in one love. She spoke at We Day inspiring people to overcome their insecurities and accept who they are. To continue, Lilly started a campaign called #GirlLove which talks about how we should end girl-on-girl hate and support each other. Furthermore, the funds raised from the views the video received all went to the Malala Fund. Altogether, Lilly donated $4,000 to the Malala Fund to help girls around the world get an education. Whenever I’m feeling down, I binge watch Lilly’s videos and it automatically makes me feel better. I watch her daily vlogs every single morning before coming to school because if I don’t, I consider my day wasted. She inspires me to embrace who I am and never change for anyone. Most importantly, at the end of the day when I need a good laugh, I know I can always count on IISuperwomanII.

Draw My Life | Superwoman
Lilly's YouTube Channel

Check out Lilly's YouTube Channel

My Future

When I grow up, I want to be a psychologist. I find psychology really interesting. I love helping people out whenever they’re facing a dilemma. All of my friends usually come to me for advice whenever they need help. Furthermore, my result on the interest survey on MyBlueprint also said that I am a counselor. This being said, being a psychologist will allow me to listen to people’s problems and give them advice. Becoming a psychologist, however, will be a bit difficult. I will make a career in this subject easier by taking the Intro to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology course in grade 11. This will allow me to determine if I really want to go into this career. If all goes well, I will love the course and want to continue with my dream of becoming a psychologist. I will further see if I can volunteer with a local psychologist to see how it feels like to be a psychologist and really get the feel of the job. Once I have to choosen my courses for grade 12, I will see if there is a course similar to the one I will take in grade 11. If another course about psychology is available in grade 12, I will take it. If not, I will talk to my guidance counselor and ask what other courses I will have to take to help me with this career. After grade 12, I will attend York University for their psychology program. From there, I will obtain a bachelor's and master’s degree in psychology. This is how I plan to reach my career goal.

Family Symbols

There are numerous symbols that represent my family. To keep things short and to the point, I have chosen six things that represent my family the best. To begin, dinner is one symbol that greatly represents my family. Every Friday my family and I make dinner together. Everyone is assigned their own job and we put on some music as well. We typically have burgers and fries on Fridays but Manchurian and Haka Noodles are also our favourites. Saturday’s are always pizza nights unless we have to go out somewhere. We order pizza from our favourite pizzeria. Then we all put on a movie and watch it together. On other nights, we go to the movies and then pick up a pizza on our way home. Another symbol that represents my family is board games. We love to play board games together. The board games we typically play are chess and monopoly. We love playing cards as well. Our favourite board game is carrom board which is an Indian board game. To continue, another symbol that represents us well is our place of worship. We are a Hindu family and we regularly visit a temple. Moving on, TV is also a huge symbol that represents us. My family and I love watching TV together. We watch the news and numerous Indian drama shows which are actually pretty interesting. Finally, the last symbol that represents my family and I is trips. We love going on trips together whether it’s just us four or with my cousins. We usually go on trips during the summer when the weather is nice. We love going to Blue Mountain, Niagara Falls and Canada’s Wonderland.

My Personality

Our personality is what make us, us. There are numerous things that build up our personality. These are the things that make up mine:

Learning Style

  • I am a visual learner. I learn best by looking and seeing

Personality Type
  • My personality type is ESFJ which stands for extroverted, sensing, feeling and judging. ESFJs are known to be caring, sociable and supportive of people around them.

Interests Type
  • Based on my interests I am a counselor. I give people my opinion on what they ask me and give them advice.

  • My top subject area is social sciences. Social science courses include history, geography, law and politics.

  • My top motivation factor is independence. I like to "play by my own rules".

Multiple Intelligence
  • My highest multiple intelligence is intrapersonal. Having high intrapersonal skills means I am good at self-reflecting. My score was 90%.

True Colours
  • My dominant colours are blue and orange. I strive for adventure but also love balance and harmony. My score was 100% for blue on the document and 94% for orange on the website.