Carving a Path to Bliss

Restorative Yoga and an Exploration of the Subtle Body

Part 1: Journey Through the Chakras

Using a series of restorative poses we will explore the energy centers known as chakras. When we become aware of these centers, we realize that they create a "structure for the soul" that allows us to feel a deeper sense of connection.

Friday, August 23, 7 -9 PM, with Margo Rosingana, RYT and Aleksandra Townsend

Part 2: From Separation to Wholeness: Using the Koshas to Weave an Experience Towards Bliss

Using the mind-body connection as a tool for contemplative practice, we will explore the 5 layers of being known as the Koshas. These layers weave together the body, breath, mind, feelings and emotions to focus awareness and attention during a yoga practice.
Friday, September 27, 7-9 PM, with Margo Rosingana, RYT

Part 3: Creating a Sattvic Mind

Using the three fluctuations of the mind, known as the gunas in Sanskrit, you will begin to witness these states of being as they manifest in our thoughts, words and actions. We seek to create a sense of inner harmony, called sattva, which is cultivated through stillness and bringing awareness to our center.
Friday, October 18, 7-9 PM, with Margo Rosingana, RYT

All sessions held at Spiral Tree Yoga and Wellness | 570 Brighton Ave. | Portland

Space is Limited | Cost is $25/per session | Register at