Graphing Calculator

Assistive Technology

Students with dysgraphia who may have trouble keeping thoughts organized will be able to see all the functions they are graphing in a neatly color coordinated way. This is a high tech tool in the sense that a computer is needed, but it's a free website which makes it easy to use in the classroom.

Save on Costs

I've worked in schools with little or no budget, and with a student population with up to 50% below the poverty line. This means that graphing calculators are too expensive for students to purchase, but they may already have a home computer with internet access, or access to the school computers. This is a great way to minimize cost and still learn the same tools!

"Quite frankly, to have even one student prohibited from a fair and equal education is to fail all students and to that end serious changes must be made to the application of, and appreciation of, the ideological justifications behind Assistive Technologies." - Teacher, Assistive Technology in Education: An Critical analysis of the “Highs” and the “Lows”