Fulton Focus

For the parents and patrons of the Fulton School District

April 22, 2016

A message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Patrons,

Due to several calls in the office the past two weeks, the previously indicated budget development article is being delayed until the next Focus. Recent concerns expressed to central office staff relate to why the district volunteers are subject to review by school administration. The answer is simply: Your School Administration is charged by the Fulton Board of Education to protect your student from a variety of individuals that have the potential to cause harm. Offending individuals may include, but are not limited to: sex offenders; drug dealers; habitual spouse or child abusers; and a variety of other violent or perhaps non-violent offenders.

A search of your Fulton Board of Education Policies or governing documents found on the School District web site at https://eboard.eboardsolutions.com/ePolicy/PolicyOverview.aspx?S=60&Sch=60

have policies relating to volunteers and background checks. For most volunteers, the following excerpts are pertinent.

From Policy IICC School Volunteers

The district will conduct screening and criminal background checks before any volunteer is placed in a position where he or she will be left alone with a student. The district may decline the services of any volunteer for any legal reason.

From Policy GBEBC Criminal Background Checks

The district will conduct a search of the MSHP's criminal history database and the FCSR or the CD's central registry of child abuse and neglect on all persons volunteering in positions where they will be left alone with a single child, and the superintendent may also require a search of the FBI's criminal history files. If the volunteer is a sponsor, advisor or coach of a district-sponsored activity, he or she must satisfactorily complete the criminal background check required of employees.

The superintendent or designee is directed to identify any additional volunteer positions in the district that will also require a criminal background check. The superintendent or designee must receive the results of the background check and officially approve the volunteer before he or she may begin service in the identified volunteer position.

Typical classroom or field trip volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Application and the Division of Social Services Child Abuse Check form. Upon completion of those items, district staff also review State of Missouri Court System Case Net reports. Should an individual fail the DSS or Case Net reports he/she is notified and is disallowed access as a District Volunteer.

Volunteer Coaches are required to complete FBI/Missouri Highway Patrol finger print background checks as well as the information in the preceding paragraph. Obviously, if any concerning issues are reported the individual is not allowed to volunteer.

Typically, background reviews take approximately five work days from receipt in the Central Office for a report to be returned to a building. Volunteer Applications are accepted throughout the Academic Year and we strongly encourage those interested individuals to reapply every year.

Questions concerning background checks or other issues maybe address to me at 590-8000 or jcowherd@fulton58.org.

Your interest in supporting your student and all Fulton kids is very much appreciated. Thank you for sending great kids and supporting Fulton Public Schools.

Jacque Cowherd, Ed.D.


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Please Update!

As this school year winds down, employees of Fulton Public Schools are already gearing up for the 2016-17 school year. Online registration will begin as soon as possible. It is imperative that as parents, you log into your Parent Portal and update any demographic information that may be incorrect at this time. You can find the Parent Portal at: https://sdm.sisk12.com/fl360/apphost/parentportal

If you have questions or need help accessing the Parent Portal, please email our Technology Office at helpdesk@fulton58.org

Fulton Public Schools Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Amy Hare, 4th grade teacher at Bush Elementary, was named the 2016 Teacher of the year for Fulton Public Schools. A small excerpt from her nomination from Mrs. Lynne Engle, Principal of Bush Elementary, explains why Mrs. Hare received this award:

Mrs. Hare is a staff member that “beams” honestly. She if forth-right and approaches her job with a high level of enthusiasm and compassion. Amy spends her time unselfishly and dedicates whatever time is needed to get the job done and never complains of doing so. If anything, she is always in a position to say, “is there anything I can do to help?” Her positive attitude is beneficial to everyone around her including staff, colleagues, parents and volunteers in our building. Mrs. Hare is our “math whiz” and is instrumental in helping review our building data and goal setting. Amy is a teacher that spends countless hours working to make sure every student works and feels successful at whatever task they are trying to accomplish. It is amazing to watch how her high level of enthusiasm is carried over into her students and their work habits.

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Fulton Public Schools Support Staff of the Year!

Mrs. Amy Lowe, Bartley Elementary Administrative Assistant, was named as Fulton Public Schools Support Staff of the Year! According to Connie Epperson, Principal of Bartley Elementary, Mrs. Lowe works solo and must meet the demands of our whole school, which is not an easy task given the varied expectations, budgeting, student records, attendance, and reporting she is required to do. She is a consummate professional and works well with all stakeholders, parents, students, and staff alike. She is never too busy to show care, concern, and compassion for others or lend a helping hand to those in need.
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David W. White Outstanding Service in Education Awardee

Mrs. Tina Blasa, McIntire Food Service Cashier, was named the 2016 David W. White Outstanding Service in Education Awardee.

The Outstanding Service in Education Award was created in 1993 to honor individuals in the district who have demonstrated excellence of character, performance, leadership and service, and have given generously of themselves on behalf of students.

For 10 years, many deserving individuals were honored. There was one individual, however, who so exemplified the qualities of outstanding service, that he received the honor twice.

Impeccable character--outstanding performance--service--and giving generously of himself every single day, exactly described David White. The Fulton School District proudly renamed this award The David W. White Outstanding Service in Education Award in his memory in 2003.

Any employee or resident of the Fulton School District is eligible to nominate or be nominated for this award. Consideration is given to accomplishments, service to youth, community involvement and contributions to the school district. Those profiled are persons who have demonstrated outstanding performance and have contributed more than is expected, establishing them as standouts among their peers.

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Congratulations to the 2016 Retirees!

With over 200 years of service to Fulton Public Schools, eight phenomenal educators are retiring at the end of this school year.

Congratulations to:

Tina Blasa, McIntire Food Service Cashier

Linda Baysinger, Fulton Middle School Science Teacher

Betty Bill, Fulton High School Special Education

Lyn Dacey, Fulton High School Math Teacher

Juanita Heider, Bush Elementary Reading Interventionist

Patrick Mudd, Fulton Middle School Science Teacher

Carol Robertson, Fulton High School Science Teacher

Linda Williams, McIntire Elementary Reading Interventionist

Thank you for your service to Fulton Public Schools.

2016 Fulton Foundation Grant Recipients

The Fulton Public Schools Foundation is funding $7,000 in classroom grants for the 2016-17 school year. Pictured below are the recipients of the grants.

Thank you to the Fulton Foundation for supporting Fulton Public Schools!

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Important Dates

Monday, April 23--MAP Testing Continues

Wednesday, May 11--Board of Education Meeting 7 p.m.

Friday, May 13--MAP Testing Ends

Thursday, May 19--Last Day of School (Dismiss 2 hours early)

Friday, May 20--FHS Graduation

Wednesday, June 1-Tuesday, June 28--Summer School