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May 2016 Stella & Dot Team Newsletter

May monthly team meeting - social media

Each month at our Cheshire and Manchester team meetings, we will be focusing on different topics to capture stylists' imaginations and spark new life into our businesses. This month's topic is Social Media. Last night guest speaker, Annie Bannister, gave an amazing presentation - we couldn't believe how much we learnt about the use of Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Periscope ......If you missed the meeting, here are a few of my key takeaways:

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The magic numbers

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Top tips

  • Aim for 500 Likes on your Facebook Business Page (the power of 100 likes means potentially you get in front of 33,800 people).
  • Only 11 per cent of posts are seen by your fans on average. This is why 'engagement' is really important.
  • Aim for 1,000 Twitter Followers to make any sort of impact on Twitter.
  • 1 in 15 women use Pinterest and one of the main uses is 'inspiration to shop' - use the app to come up with style ideas for shopping Stella and Dot.
  • Tweet between 1-11pm to have more chance of a retweet. Weekends are best for Twitter.
  • You need powerful images for instagram - and be aware that most of your audience is aged 24 and under! Use # on Instagram - but no more than 3 max in any one post.
  • 1 in every 5 people in the UK over the age of 18 are on LinkedIN.
  • To encourage people to shop you should ALWAYS have a call to action ie Call me on 07912937224 to book a trunkshow, or Shop this Look - on FACEBOOK this is fine on every post. On TWITTER (since you have less text) this should be on 2 in 10 posts.
  • Periscope - download this app! It is live video streaming - and WE should be on it! Watch this space! It's going to be bigger than SNAPCHAT and more aligned to our customer base!
  • Facebook - it's a must on your phone to respond to customers quickly.

Save the date

Thanks to a great suggestion by Kerry Taylor, the theme of the next monthly team meeting will be The Faux Trunkshow. We will be performing a fake or 'faux' trunkshow from start to finish - so I will be calling on some volunteer 'trunkshow guests', a Hostess and a Stylist! So rather than perform in a pub, we'll make the night even more 'real' and 'trunkshow' meeting will be held at my house - 11 The Oaks, Davenham, Northwich. Cheshire CW98SL - on Tuesday 7th June at 7pm.

Congrats to our engravable earners!

Well done girls - you went that extra mile and sold at least 1,000 pqv in April (£840) ! Here is a list of the engravable earners. Now it's time to decide what you would like on your personalised necklace. You will have received an email from Head Office with options, please complete asap (there is a deadline). If you don't choose, your necklace will be engraved with #SDJoy .
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Laura Lovell

Amanda Smart

Angela Parker

Stephanie Smith

Emma Hall

Yvonne Crolla

Kerry Taylor

Kirsty Grosvenor

Stacey Rankin

Anna Schaf

Claire Kelly

Lisa Drew

Alex Wilks

Joy Grayson-Mahon

Joanne Forster

Claire Parsons

Laura Lee

Marketing Tools for May

Great timing! Have you seen the WATCH on Trunkshow Exclusive Offers ? Don't forget to print them out show them to your customers- so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over!

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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Listen to this 'Refresh Your Leadership' coaching call


What's Hoopla?

It's the MOST IMPORTANT training event of the enter YEAR. And will pave your way to ultimate success as a Stylist with Stella & Dot. Tickets for this London event are available on the Stylist Lounge (it is WORTH travelling for - trust me!).

As part of the training, there is also lots of fun. Our Big Reveal is Kensington Roof Gardens!

This EXCLUSIVE nightclub is where we will be dancing on 9th July, at the Hoopla Party!

The maximum capacity for Kensington Roof Gardens is limited. So if you want to be there partying in the skies, in a secret garden with FLAMINGOS then book your ticket to HOOPLA now!

You do not want to MISS this training and style experience - or the celebrations! LOG IN TO your Stylist Account with your email and password, and click on HOOPLA to see the itinerary and book your ticket.

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Hoopla Itinerary




Join Head Office for an exclusive cocktail reception to network and toast your success.



Director Day is an exclusive training and networking afternoon for Career Level Associate Directors and above will be joined by the Head Office Team for an exclusive toast.


Career Level Star Directors & above are invited to an exclusive toast with your Home Office Team.


An exclusive reception celebrating Star Stylists! We welcome the following:

First Time promoted Star Stylists (1st July, 2015 - 30th June, 2016) who maintain the Career Rank of Star Stylist or above as of 1st July, 2016.

New Heart of Leadership New Inductees (1st July, 2015 - 30th June, 2016)

Existing Star Stylists (Career Rank Star Stylist prior to 1st July, 2015, but have not held the Career Rank of Associate Director or Above in their lifetime) who earn at Star Stylist Pay Rank or above 4 out of 6 months (January - June 2016)



If this is your first ever Hoopla, this is the event for you! Join key members of the Head Office team for a meet and greet! This is also a great place to find a friend to experience Hoopla with!


Style Council Elite Members (2015 - 2016 new inductees). Enjoy champagne and appetizers at your private jewellery viewing and receive an exclusive Style Session.

You won't want to miss being pampered in an exclusive suite at Hoopla! Elite Suite = Pamper Suite! Relax with makeup touch-ups and chair massages. Sip a glass of champagne & enjoy a snack while we pamper you!

Style Council Elite - Backstage Pass! Come backstage and receive an exclusive Jewellery Viewing & Style Session - We'll celebrate in style with a champagne toast, appetizers and cocktails while you have a private collection viewing with a exclusive style session. You will also receive a piece from the new collection, plus a design centre exclusive - handpicked for just for you!



Style Council Elite Members (2015 - 2016 new inductees). Get Fueled in style - Swing by for a cup of coffee and continental breakfast before you head out for a busy day of training.

Welcome to our newest Stylists

We are SO lucky to welcome some amazing new stylists to Stella & Dot! Many took advantage of our amazing sign up offer in April - but don't forget £169 to start your own business is STILL an amazing deal - even in May! sure to share the opportunity. It's more fun with a friend and - by sponsoring - you can promote and earn more too! #winwin


Ana Gasparini

Emma Barnes

Colette Scofield

Anna Fry

Yvette Smart

Danielle Wynne-Cowlin

Deborah Waldron

Gail Hutcheon

Jena Milne

Claire Kelly

Leigh Parkinson

Caroline Vivers

Jane Buckle

Nicola Heritage

Frances Nesarajah

Yvette Sansom

Jo Wright


Rosaleen Leonard

Lucy Hodson

Please do join our Team Facebook Page (or ask you Sponsor to add you) ClICK HERE

Top 10 in May sales!

4 Emma Hall 2,592.31

5 Stephanie Smith 2,582.65

6 Yvonne Crolla 1,991.66

7 Kerry Taylor 1,705.22

8 Kirsty Grosvenor 1,498

9 Anna Schaf Anna AV 1,497.8

10 Stacey Rankin 1,487.4

May Top Tips from Northampton Stylist Amber Fry

I have been with Stella & Dot for a year. I was four months pregnant with an 18month old when I joined. We lived in Brighton and I signed up because I loved the way I felt when I wore the Jewellery - even in pregnancy Jewellery fits(!). Fast forward 12 months and I have a 2.5 year old, a seven month old crawler/walker and we moved to Peterborough and then Northampton. It would have been easy to hang my jewels up during the stressful

moments but do you know why I didn't? Being part of this company is more than just a pay check. The skills and confidence I've learnt will encourage me to go very far and I can do that wearing fabulous celeb loving, on trend Jewellery!! (And of course a bit of baby sick and soggy crumbs hidden by a gorgeous Stella & Dot scarf to remind me of my other job for life)!!

Top tips....

Regardless of your stylist level or success or struggle with trunk shows regularly look in the MANY Stella & Dot Facebook groups and read the posts and comments. They may not help you now but may help with an obstacle you face in the future.

Regardless of your stylist level or success or struggle with trunk shows regularly look in the MANY Stella & Dot Facebook groups and simply ask a question or comment on other threads. We are ALL here to help, support and give options to you when you feel there are none.

Start interacting on social media. Be it photos/posts or anything. If you are also consistent with posting you may not get immediate success but you will have longevity in customers and followers!

Send your Facebook friends or customers or anyone you know a birthday/occasion message and let them know you can help them if they need anything.

If your personal life is not too settled for you to book trunk shows don't throw in the towel. Keep posting on social media as and when you want/can and when you feel ready your customers will still be there.

Write a personal note to a contact you haven't spoke to in a while and throw in a look book. Sometimes it's a good excuse to reconnect x

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May Promotions #SDJoy

Contact me - Mhari Oakes

    Please call me 0791 293 7224 if I can help you!

    Our Focus this Month is Summer Style! Here are five things you can share with your customers.

    1) GETAWAY IKAT BAG - NEON - Have you checked out how this bag extends to almost double the size? It's a great weekender and also handy for family trips to the seaside!

    2) SUNGLASSES - Our aim was to create the most flattering shapes for women. All the frames are handmade in the same way as Prada, Dior and Chanel which sets us apart in design. The hinges are luxurious, hand polished and the lenses are scratch resistant and provide UVA and UVB protection .

    The glasses come with a cute cleaning cloth inscribed with ‘Hello Sunshine’.

    The parker – these are oversized sunglasses

    Miramar – in two beautiful colours with our custom hardwear pattern on the inside.

    Chevron Aviator – choose gold or white. We made our aviators more rounded than the Rayban and so they are more flattering and really comfortable.

    We also sell a fun palm print sunglasses case as a standalone purchase or gift to protect your favourite shades.

    3) VISTA AND LOLO WRAP BRACELETS – the inspiration was to make one single bracelet that looks like a stack. It has the look of four different bracelets wrapped around your arm - and looks like you’ve collected friendship bracelets over time.

    4) Our TECH WALLETS are all designed to fit your phone, passport and lippy! Perfect for travelling abroad. They can be used as purses or pretty clutch bags for the evening.

    5) REINA FOUR-WAY NECKLACES – choose from pink/blue – bright and fun to represent the spirit of Oaxaca in Mexico – or Wood/and mixed neutrals. Can be worn as a long of short necklace, bracelet or anklet.