by : hannah chambers

rosa abbott

Rosa abbott , who was born January 14th on a Tuesday in 1873 . 39 years 3 months and i day old Mrs , abbott decided to leave England with her children and go to america so on April 10th, 1912 Rosa and her sons Mr Rossmore Edward Abbott and Mr Eugene Joseph Abbott all embarked the titanic unfortunately the boys did not make it throw the 4th night on April 14th, 1912 .

The Ship

The titanic was completed in 1997 took three years to finish , built in Belfast, Ireland, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain . eight lives were lost during the presses of building the titanic the cost of building the RMS Titanic was 7,500,000 the lenght of the boat was in metres 882 feet and 9 inches the height was 220 feet which made is the larest in the world at the time. The maximum number of people the Titanic could carry was 3,547 but the number of people aboard (passengers and crew) was only 2,223 64 - the number of lifeboats the Titanic was equipped to carry.

they only carried 20 lifeboats when when would have actually needed 65 lifeboats

Rosa and her two boys boarded the boat april 10 , 1912 from England to America 3rd class passagers they pad 20 british pounds for thier ticket , 3rd class passagers had a little room per ticket it was crammed was a few small bunks and a little bath room.

disaster and rescue

April 14 , 1912. 11:00pm the 4th night in the trip the crew had got 6 iceberg watch-outs witch they ignorred , in the radio room , the two operators were expected to be kept on at all times watch out was so busy with the passenger messages that he actually brushed off the final ice warning of the night from californian trapped in field of ice was actually only nineteen miles north from the titanic the messages were blasting in to phillips ear witch annoyed him so he cut the californins radio operator . it was most certain that there was icebargs head so fred fleet had made a quiet watch , now at 11:40 was still waiting , suddenly , fleet saw something . a huge , dark shape loomed out of the dark directle ahead of the titanic . he quickly sounded the alarm bell three time they tried to tern the titanic in time but it still they slitly got the boats side . it started filling with water by 12:45am they were already putting people on the boats and lowering them , the life boats where only haft way full by 2:40am they had no hope anymore all bats where gone people where fumping into the water that was -2 fahrenheit below 0 there was still many people on the deck of the Titanic while it was going down 1,500 people lost their lives that morning , Rosa was not onne of then she got on lifeboat A and got out of there on the other head her sons did not they jomped off the boat and were lost . rosa was in knee-deep water in the lifebaot until they were eventually picked up by Collapsible D.

life after the titanic

Rosa's injuries were so severe that she did not stir from her cot on the Carpathia until New York and then spent at least two more weeks hospitalized. She was looked after from there by her church (Grace Episcopal Church) in Providence, Rhode Island where her son Rossmore had once been in the boy's choir. and died : monday 18th february 1946 because of hypertensin