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Fire at Jay Mountain Burns Down Church

By Tessa Alexander from Jay reporters:

During a nice get together at the top of Jay Mountain Church, suddenly during their picnic, the church went up in flames from a very unknown reason. Jerry who was there at the sight says this, "I didn't know there were still kids in there, I feel responsible." After Jerry and his wife realized kids were trapped in the church, Pony boy Curtis and Johnny were to the rescue. Immediately they both rammed through the church window to save the kids. "I jut felt like it was the right thing to do and it felt right to me." - Pony Boy says after his recovery. Yes, Pony Boy has almost recovered but Johnny and their friend Dally who burned his arm are both in critical condition. Fire cause is still unknown as Pony Boy Curtis, Johnny and Dally go down as Oklahoma's biggest heroes we've seen in a long time.

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