Galileo Galilei

By Quinn Lasley

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Galileo's Life

Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy on February 15, 1564. His family moved to Florence 10 years later, where Galileo was educated at the Camadolese monastery. In 1581, Galileo returned to Pisa to study medicine at the University of Pisa. While there, Galileo discovered his talent for mathematics and decided to leave the university, eventually becoming a mathematics professor and teaching at several universities.

Galileo Facts

  • Galileo's Father, Vincenzo, was a well-known musician
  • Galileo became blind from looking at the sun
  • Galileo had 3 children, but never married
  • The Catholic Church banned all works regarding Copernican Theory until 1758

Galileo and the Ideas of Castiglione

Galileo does fit many of Castiglione's requirements and should be considered a Renaissance man. He was well-educated, teaching at several universities throughout his life. And, because of his father's music experience, was most likely experienced with music.
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Galileo's Teliscope

Although he didn't invent the original telescope, Galileo made many improvements to the original design, allowing him to see objects in great detail. His new design allowed him to study sun spots and other planets.
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The Hydro Static Balance

The idea of the hydro static balance was to have an accurate balance of measurements between weighing objects in air and in water. It involved placing the material on one of the arm and a counter weight on the other. The amount of the counter weight's movement could then me measured to find the object's weight.
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Pendulum Clock

When looking at lamps swinging, Galileo noticed that even when a swinging object lost energy, the time of the swing stayed the same. He used this principle to create a pendulum, or swinging object, based block that could keep very accurate time.

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