Bessie Coleman

By N. Elsaka

Early Life

The very talented Bessie Coleman is from Texas. While she was growing up, her family wasn't the richest. she had to work very hard to raise very little money for her family. She then grew up and moved to Chicago to become a manicurist. Her brother was in war, but when he came back he told her all about world war I pilots. Her journey began from than.


Bessie's brother told her about French women who flew planes. she couldn't learn how to fly a plane because she is black. Bessie went to flight school and attended a ten month course in France. She then got her pilot's license and went back to the USA. When she landed she recieved too much attention from the press. She got a lot more training and began flying in air shows. Bessie wished to open a flight school for African Americans!


Bessie went through a lot of tough times as a person. First of all, Bessie's dad left the family for work when Bessie was young. While she was growing up, she was treated very unfairly because she's black. she only attended one semester of college because her parents couldn't raise enough money....meaning she didn't get the education she needed while growing up.when she was stunt flying, she got injured and broke her leg. As you can see, Bessie has faced a lot of challenges but got through them all!


Bessie had a lot of achievements in her very special life.To start with she was the first black women to get her pilot's license. Another amazing thing is that she was in the women's Hall of Fame. She's even specialized in stunt flying and parachuting. Bessie earned a living barnstorming and performing Aerial tricks. that is quite a lot accomplishments.