Goldfields: Women and Children



Life for women on the goldfield was pretty harsh. When the women had no work to do, they would help there husband pan for gold or dig. On 1840, there were more than 2000 woman panning and digging for gold. By 1846 there were more than 6000 women people digging. On the goldfield 90% of womaen were married to men. By 1850s there was a population 12660 men's digging for gold.


During the late 1850's, children couldn't educate properly because of moving around country's to find richer goldfields. Some children had to move into lots of school. Goldfields are always popping out of places which make more changing of schools. Some children wouldn't even go to school but go digging for golds. Some parents would have been educated by their parents but sadly, they weren't taught the language used in the country. People thing there weren't any schools by that time. Some schools were started of from a big tent, but over time the big tent becomes in to a larger hut. Parents had to pay fees to get their child or children to go to schools. Parents who hadn't had the amount of money would just make their child or children stay in the tent or house doing work around the place. It wasn't easy for children to educate back in those late days.

Roles and Responsiblilities

Many men on goldfields would dig for golds while, the women cook food and wash clothes. After a while women would help dig gold too. Women also dance to men for good luck finding big ores. Some women even brought there sons to help find gold with there hard worked husband. Ocasionally women would look after there child or children. After men came home from digging, women had to cook foods for them. Mojority of women stayed home looking after there tent or home doing important work


For many who had birth to a child, it was a total concern. This may be because there are no medical system to help out in the past. There were barely any doctors becuase most of the doctors were digging for gold. Sadly some women did die from terrible sickness and illness.This also happened to many men. There were lack of doctors to help people. There were only around 40 doctors and thousands of people to help out.

Many children died as well. There were many diseases and fevers. For examples, measles, whooping cough, diptheria and dysentery. Some children had bad diarrhea. children had this because they were drinking dirty water like mud water. Not only childrens but men and women too. People were also eating bad meat. Most children were burried in Pennyweight Flat "Children's" Cemetry. People would normaly call it Pennyweight Flat Cemetry but, becuase of all the childrens dieing. There were more than 200 childrens dieing on the cemetry.