General Writing

By Kayla and Cheyenne


Grammar consists of the punctuation, pronunciation, and homonyms in writing.

Academic Wrting

Academic writing is usually your regular essays that you are taught in school. It is composed of many different steps, so there is hard to get a full dictionary definition.

Some steps are:

  • Thesis
  • Tone
  • Outline
  • Language
  • Point Of View
Then the structure of Academic Writing is:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

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Visual Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric is the describing element of how visual images respond and effect a paper, essay, power point, or anything that someone can put an emotional appeal towards.

For Example

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You use punctuation in order to add emphasis, separation, meaning and exaggeration.

-Comma: When you use commas you use them in order to separate an idea, or a word(s)

-Italics: Italics are used in order to add more emphasis to a part of a sentence

-Parenthesis: parenthesis are used when you want to add extra information into a sentence without actually adding it to the sentence itself.

Research Paper

When researching a certain topic, you usually write about it. There are certain things you do in order to make the perfect research paper.

  • Genre- Provides an understanding of difference between an analytic and argumentative essay.
  • Choosing a topic- This is the process to where you find an interesting to topic to do your research over
  • Identifying an audience- Helps you understand the confusing part of the topic by providing basic guidelines
  • Where do I begin- This provides links to resources and what to do in the final stages of writing a research paper