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Dear, Lisa, Ross, Gracie, Ella, and Anthony
Thank you so much for the graduation money, turtle, and my favorite the WHALE! I can not tell you how truly grateful I am to have you guys help me get ready for college. I put the money into my college savings account and I will use it to help pay for my books and other gadgets that I need. The turtle and the whale will be coming with me to college, so I can have them in my room to show off to all the other student and say that I got to babysit some pretty awesome kids. Also, while at college I plan on double majoring in biology and natural resources, so I can one day become a marine biologists or something similar and also so I can try to make the world a cleaner and better place for everyone to live in.

Thank you for everything!!!! I really, really appreciate the graduation gift and also thanks Gracie, Ella, and Anthony for being such amazingly awesome kids to babysit.