Aunt Elda Lab


What experience do you have with anesthesia?

The experience I have with anesthesia is I needed to get two teeth pulled before getting my braces.

What are desireable functions of anesthesia?

1. During the patients surgery they will not feel any pain.

2. The patient can't move during surgery and this makes it so they don't get hurt/hurt themselves.

What are dangerous, undesireable functions of anesthesia?

One of the dangerous characteristics of anesthesia is if too much of it is used it can cause your lungs to collapse.

Purpose of Lab

The purpose of this lab was to test a solution given to us and compare it to anesthesia that is used on patients and if the dosage is too little or too much.

There is also one solution that is unknown that we needed to figure out and this is "Aunt Elda".

Needed Items for Lab



-Twelve viles (each one having solutions ranging from 0% to 100%)


Used to detect the absorbency of light coming through the solution.
Big image
We also used a computer to graph our results by connecting the colorimeter to the computer and we needed little viles to put the green solution in.
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How do you know Aunt Elda's concentration was too strong? What happened to her?

The perfect amount of anesthesia is 40%. Aunt Elda got 64%. Therefore, her lungs probably collapsed and she died.

How did Beer's law help you solve this?

By looking at the graph, you could see what the concentration was by looking at where the absorbance is when it crosses with the line of best fit and that gives you what the concentration is.

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How to Make a Percent Solution

The amount of solute you put into the vile and the amount of solvent you put in the vile have to balance out to equal 100%. Example: 10% Solute 90% Solvent equals a 100% solution. The image below is also showing how to do the same thing only a different way, by diluting the solution.
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