Please Stop Laughing at Me

by: Jodee Blanco

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There was a girl named Jodee who thought she had got away from the bullies from high school. but then it was the day of they reunion for her class and she made a speech. This speech brought back all of the memories and they bullies. This book goes back in time to the story for her high school year. High school for her was torture she hated so much that she became suicidal. and this reunion made her feel that way again.


The theme of this book is not to let bullies get in your way of being happy. Also that cutting doesn't solve anything.If you ever need help talk to someone u trust and get help. If we don't have anyone u trust tell an adult or solve it yourself by asking them to stop and standing up for yourself. The more you let the bullies get to you they are winning and now they know what they have to do to get you upset so don't get upset they smell fear.

The Main Character

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Jodee Balnco

Jodee didn't have many friends at school the only hobbies she had was writing she didn't have any type of outside activities. She was bullied as a kid and they way she handle it was by cutting herself. She also loved to write about her days it helped her stop cutting. She was not very social she didn't even talk to her parents a lot.

Book Review

I would give this book a 5 out of 5 stars I loved the story line and the details she gave this was a great book to learn from. I would recommend it to everyone who has bulling problem.
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