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October 8, 2018

Bullying: Now What?

We need to continue our conversation. What exactly again is bullying? It is unwanted or aggressive behavior that is repeated in an unfair match. It encompasses many behaviors: physical aggression, fear, ridicule, embarrassment, isolation, social exclusion, and many other hurtful behaviors. So why are we talking about it now?

It hurts. It hurts the target. It hurts the bystanders - those that witness it but do not actively participate and are not the target. It hurts the bully and those who follow the bully. It hurts emotionally, psychologically, physically, and socially. And it’s time we quit letting our peers get hurt.

Your teacher will show a short video clip in homeroom today. Discuss the following:

-Does this happen here at SMS?

-What do you think the kids in the video were thinking and feeling?

-How did it end?

See something - say something. Stand up. Report. Be kind.

2:55 PM Friday

Two major things happen at 2:55 PM on Friday!

1) Our first grading period ends.

  • Report cards will be available online on Tuesday, October 23rd. Printed report cards will be available at during our conference sessions on October 23rd and 25th.
  • We'll begin our new grading period on Monday, October 22nd. Student schedules will not change.

2) Fall break begins.

  • School will be out Monday, Oct. 15th to Friday, Oct. 19th.
  • The office will be closed during break.
  • Enjoy!

Student-Led Conferences: What STUDENTS do!

Our annual Student-Led Conferences will be held the week we return from fall break. We will hold conferences on Tuesday and Thursday, October 23rd and 25th. To help us get ready, this article is a reminder of the tasks that STUDENTS will perform during the event.

1) Show up and bring your iPad. YOU are an integral part of conferences so YOU need to be in attendance with your adult(s).

2) Sign in at the door and take your adult(s) to the team area.

If you have an appointment (between 3:30 and 5:00 either conference night),

3) Sit with your teachers and your adult and participate in their discussion.

4) After the teacher conference, share your accountability worksheet and show your adult at least three work samples that demonstrate what you are learning.

5) Report to the office if you want a printed copy of your report card.

If you come during the drop-in time (between 5:00 and 6:30 either conference night),

3) PIck up your accountability worksheet and your NWEA report from your HR teacher.

4) Explain your accountability worksheet and show at least three work samples with your adult.

5) Go to the hall to get any teacher that your adult wants to see.

6) Report to the office if you want a printed copy of your report card.

Please talk with your family about your plan for conferences. Do you have an appointment or do you want to visit during the drop-in sessions? Which night do you plan to attend? Thanks for making your arrangements now!

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Teams have scheduled appointments with families most in need, but some appointment slots remain. If you would like a scheduled date/time, please call SMS at 752-8926 this week. We'll schedule you until all slots are filled. Once slots are filled, parents and guardians are encouraged to visit during the drop-in sessions!

Dodgeball Tourney Tuesday

The third-annual SMS Dodgeball Tournament is tomorrow after school. As of now, we have 26 teams scheduled to battle it out for the prestigious championship. All students and parents/guardians are invited to attend. Spectator tickets are available for $3. Refreshments are also available.

TEAMS should report (in uniform) to the west gym at 3:10. Instructions will be shared.

SPECTATOR students should report to the main hall waiting area until ticketing opens at 3:20.

SPECTATOR adults can park in the athletic lot and purchase tickets at 3:20.

The event will take place in both gyms and should conclude around 6:00 PM. All proceeds go to the SMS athletic uniform replacement fund. Thanks in advance to our teachers and coaches for working at the game, as well as to the Builders' Club for running the refreshment stand.

Basketball and Cheer Tryouts>>> ONE MORE TIME!!

Basketball and Cheer tryouts start the day we come back from fall break! If you plan to try out for 6th, 7th, or 8th-grade basketball or cheer, attend all of the tryout sessions below AND sign up on the Canvas Community page AND make sure you have a sports physical on file in the office. No physical = no tryout!

8th Girls BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 6:30-8 PM, West Gym

8th Boys BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 5-6:30 PM, West Gym

7th Girls BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 5-6:30 PM, East Gym

7th Boys BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 3:00-5:00 PM, West Gym

6th Girls BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 6:30-8:00 PM, East Gym

6th Boys BB: Mon-Wed, Oct. 22-24, 3:00-5:00 PM, East Gym

6-7-8 Cheer: Mon. Oct. 22 and Wed. Oct. 24, 5:30-7 PM, Great Room

See Mr. Smith if you have any questions and sign up on the Canvas Community page if you plan to tryout! Good luck to all.

This Week...

Mon. Oct. 8: B day, SADD lunches, Bot Warriors, Builders' Club

Tue. Oct. 9: A day, Drama, Spell Bowl, Dodgeball Tourney (3:30-6:00)

Wed. Oct. 10: B day, Cross 7:45am

Thu. Oct. 11: A day, Spell Bowl, Drama

Fri. Oct. 12: B day, 6th Grade Career Day