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Language Development Years 2-6

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Milestones of Years 2-3

  • Vocabulary is increasing rapidly
  • Able to understand tasks explained using 3 sentences
  • Determines word meanings by using perceptual, and more so, social and linguistic cues
  • 2-3 word sentences
  • Grammatical markers are added
  • Skilled conversationalists
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Milestones of Years 3-4

  • Have phonological awareness - they are able to reflect on and manipulate the sound structure of spoken language
  • Extend language meanings through metaphor and create new worlds based on known words
  • Sometimes will use common grammatical rules for words that are exceptions
  • Adjust their speech based on who they are talking to
  • 3-4 word sentences in year 3 and complete sentences by year 4
  • Story telling spontaneously and based on pictures
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Milestones of Years 5-6

  • Sentences using correct word order
  • Understands that there is a systematic link between letters and sounds
  • Invents spellings
  • Knows around 10,000 words by age 6
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