Arnold Johnson's 1040 EZ

Tax Form

How to do his Taxes Step by Step

The Tax form is going to ask for your Name, address, your social security, and if you want to contribute to the Presidential Election.

The First Step is:

1. Box One it shows your wages, salaries, and tips. It is shown In the W2 form. It is highlighted in a dark box so you can see it.

His Wages are $30,485.00, so he writes than in line one.

In box two he takes the number to 3 and since he doesn't live in Alaska and he's not unemployed its $0.

If someone claims that you live with them, you have to enter the amount on the work sheet in the back. He doesn't have a 1099 but he has a W2 so we go back and look at the federal income tax. And these are the basic steps to solve Arnold Johnson.