Zitzman Elementary- 411

Week of February 5, 2018

What's Happening This Week:

School-Wide Jump Rope for Heart

Classroom Spelling Bee's

Monday: C Day.

Tuesday: D Day. Mrs. Armstrong out @ LIM Symposium.

Wednesday: A Day. Mrs. Armstrong out @ LIM Symposium. Counselor Recognition Day! Early Release @ 1:10. Working lunch provided to teachers at 1:30.

Thursday: B Day. ZE Morning Staff Meeting 7:30AM. Progress Reports go home. Admin. Council @ 9:15AM. Spirit Squad @ 3:40PM.

Friday: C Day.

Counselor's Corner

Crider will be giving presentations in classes the next 2 weeks in lieu of my counseling classes. Schedules are in your mailboxes.

Additional reports should be made available for the practice MAP tests. I will keep everyone informed. Thanks for your hard work and feedback.

PLC's this week:

NO PLC'S this week...continue to review your MOY, Reflect, and focus on the RTI process for your red and yellows!

As a teacher we often get worked up and suffer a lot from worry, stress and anxiety.

An incredible health specialist then told me that my breathing had the power to help me. (Link Below!)

By doing slow, deep "belly breathing" (also known as diaphragmatic breathing) we send a message to our brains and bodies to calm down. Our physiology changes when we breathe this way.

I started practicing it after this advice and... WOW! It radically improved how I felt.

Take a few minutes to enjoy the benefits too!

Relax your belly, close your mouth and breathe in and out of your nose, slowly and deeply.

Resources To Try:

At the PLC conference this past week I sat in a session that found a lot of extra resources on top of MobyMax and Reading Recovery to reach their students... many of these have free trials (use 'fake' or friends emails to continue getting free trials ;)...)


Below is the attached powerpoint they used while presenting if you want to scroll through and get a better idea of the resources and how they used them.

Paradigms and Principles of Effectiveness

Effectiveness lies in the balance ---what I call the P/PC Balance. P stands for production capability, the ability or asset that produces the golden eggs. Another example of self-efficacy.

Early Release- PD

Teachers should signup in Frontline for assigned PD sessions. All teachers must complete the reflection piece after any PD, conference, or workshop. See Ms. Thate if you have questions regarding PD in Frontline. See the link below in regard to Zitzman's PD activities on Wednesday.

Lunch will be provided to teachers at 1:30 p.m. to take to your PD session. Enjoy!


Home and School Connection

  • Help us promote the upcoming family activities. Father - Daughter Dance, WOW Night, and STEM Night.
  • Make two positive contacts this week. DoJo makes it very simple to send a positive note to parents, especially for those students that don't get a lot of recognition. Building student-efficacy.

Want Positive Behavior? Use Positive Language!

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