Principal's Update & Trauma Support

June 2, 2020

Need Support Talking With Your Child About Violence, Trauma, and Race

I have woken up each day for the past week with an array of emotions including anger, sadness, frustration, embarrassment, and many more. The images we are seeing around the country are challenging for adults to process. I have to ask myself, how are our children doing. As educators, we are often looked at for having the answers about how to address challenging topics. As a parent, I am also challenged and looking for ways to talk about our current events with my own children. If you are feeling the same way, I wanted to pass along one resource I have come across.
Helping Kids Process Violence, Trauma, and Race in a World of Nonstop News

Student Pick-Up of Personal Items & Drop-Off of School Property

By 1:00 pm today, we will have finished with all of our scheduled times for pick-up and drop-off of student personal items and school property for all teachers and grade levels.

Thank you to everyone who has picked up their students belongings. For those of you who have been unable to come to school, we do need you to plan on coming to the school site before the end of the week. You may contact the office at 510-475-9630; ext. 60786 to make an appointment between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm.

Please note the office is closed and locked. When you call to make an appointment, you will be given instructions for how to alert the office you are here. We will continue to practice social distancing protocols as we conclude this process.

If we do not hear from you by the end of this week, we will assume you do not want your items and will be throwing anything left away. If for some reason you cannot come to school this week and you do want your belongings, make sure to contact the office at the phone number above.