A Creative Career

by: Anna Hall

Graphic Design!

Graphic Design is the perfect job for a person whos creative and loves making their ideas come to life! This is an expanding career with many opportunities unfolding with the new digital career. Graphic designers work varies in creating visual concepts, using the computer or by hand.

In this job you create all types of different things! you can design books, newspaper, logos, illustrations and websites.Graphic Designing is one of the most important jobs out there. Without it, it would be almost impossible for companies to sell their products and their services.

Education, training, and skills!

Graphic Design is a very competitive career with many talented people competing for careers. Usually it is best to have a Bachelor's degree in college to be successful. its very helpful to have taken some art classes in high school and practiced with design programs. don't worry if you haven't though it just might take you a little longer to graduate, but its not required.

Earnings and benefits!

As of may 2014, the medium pay for Graphic Designers was around $46,000, but this varies depending on the area of Graphic Designing your in and your experience. There are many opportunities for promotions in this field with experience, a Graphic Designer can advance to a supervisory position as a chief designer or an art director.

There are also many benefits in this line of work! One of the many benefits of working in the Graphic Design industry is that you get to see your work come to life right before your eyes. you get to express your creativity while being paid for it, why could be better?

Typical day!

A Graphic Designers day can vary from depending on who and where they work. if they are working for themselves they might have a very laid back day getting what they want done like creating original designs and develop ideas. if you are working for a major company your day will probably be a little more difficult. This might include going to client meetings and weighting emails.

Fun facts!

  1. There will be an increase in demand for Graphic Designers over the next decade
  2. Graphic Designers do not necessarily have to have a four year degree
  3. Art Director is in the top 100 most satisfying jobs of 2015
  4. Graphic Designers are critical for marketing
  5. some Graphic Designers make thousands of dollars for a single design