The Pulse of the Nation

Week of August 31

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Principal's Corner

Welcome to another busy week at the Nagel Nation. We are planning for a great new format for the Meet the Team night on Thursday. Remember the purpose for this event is for our parents to meet the 'whole' team and not just focus on their individual student. Remind them as a Middle School and not a Jr. High, our commitment to teacher collaboration as well as integrated or interdisciplinary approaches to instruction helps to provide the support of human growth and development situated between childhood and adolescence that their child needs during this time period. The middle school concept helps to provide a foundation for the schedule. We have chosen to use the largest spaces in our building for this event so all guests feel welcomed, have a place to sit and are not standing out in the hallways. Your support and positive message to our parents will spread like wildfire throughout the community, so thank you in advance for helping us to really shine.

Friday is the first district In-Service Day. Here is the schedule for the day.

With our new online registration software this year, there are new strict guidelines regarding students and media. The district office has released the list of students who have said 'NO MEDIA' and 'NO DIRECTORY' as of 8/20 from InfoSnap. Each list is district-wide, but contains only the NO students so you can easily see which grades are no. For now, new registrants must be considered 'no'. If you have a new student since 8/20, you will need to email Gaye to check their status. What does this all mean?

The students’ photo, name, and information cannot appear in/on the following materials if:


* Websites/Web pages

* Honor roll lists

* News stories/articles

* Group photos taken for any reason

* Newspaper ads

* Play, concert, and graduation programs

* Newspaper, magazine, radio or television materials

* Athletic programs

* Videos of any kind

* Information released to school vendors

* Social media channels

* Sports rosters

* Displays/Bulletin Boards inside the school

* Phone directories

* Yearbook


Tips to Share:

* Need to make a copy of a small card that is two sided? Simply push the ID Card box on the screen- lay your card in upper left corner and it will copy both sides onto one page for you.

* Need to send a fax? You can now FAX from the copier in the Records room in the front office. Want to make it easier on you? Scan the documents to your self instead and then forward in an email. That give you an digital copy of your documents to save as well. Your email is already preset in the NETWORK address book on the copier under email button. Push close after you select your name- select subject on the right side and you can even title your docs to save them.

* We have a selection of binders for anyone who would like them in the records room. In boxes on the floor - help yourself.

* Kitchen - We have jazzed up the kitchen in the front office for your use. Please bring your own Kuerig cup and feel free to use the new machine. Please help yourself to anything you need on that hospitality table. There are dishes, cups, etc. available for your use in the cabinets if you forget something, just hope you will please wash it off right after you use it. Thanks for everyone pitching in.

*Need to see an updated staff list of teams for 2015-16: Click here

Professional Development Guidelines:

To help communicate curriculum dept and financial expectations for reimbursement procedures, a step-by-step document has been added to Jostle under DISTRICT - Curriculum - Curriculum Forms, Policies and Procedures - Forms. It explains some important information all staff members who are requesting reimbursement for attending professional development events need to be aware of and understand. Specifically, there have been changes made to the meal allocation and what documentation is required for reimbursement.


CLICK HERE for the 24/7 SCHEDULE - It begins Tuesday, September 8th.


September 3 - Meet the Team

8th Grade Core Teachers (6:00pm)

7th and 8th Grade Encore ONLY Teachers (6:40pm)

7th Grade Core Teachers (7:40pm)

September 4 - InService (no kiddos)

September 7 - Labor Day

September 8 - 24/7 Begins

September 9-11 & 15 - 7th Grade to the YMCA for Team Building

September 14 & 16 - 8th Grade to Kings Domain

The Bailey Special

#1: Are you interested in joining the Foundations Team? If so, click here!

#2: Please be sure that you take attendance each period...get eyes on the student to ensure they are present! Report any missing students to Gaye via the Front Office call button.

#3: If you plan on using ANY of the Wellness spaces (gyms, Nagel Field, Softball/Baseball Fields) be sure to check with them first. These spaces are their classrooms! You must contact them to check for availability PRIOR to using any of their classrooms.

The same goes for ANY Wellness Equipment. No one is permitted to take anything from the Wellness areas without permission from the Wellness Team.

#4: Team Building Events

7th Grade Heads to the YMCA next week! Here is the info link.

8th Grade Heads to Kings Domain on September 14 and 16! Here are a few pictures that you can share with your team to get them ready for the event. More planning details to come.

Testing Update:

AIR Testing (*replacing PARCC)

When TIDE (Ohio's Testing Portal Site) opens on Sept. 2, all users will receive an email with a temporary password. This temporary password will expire in 30 days.To reset their passwords, existing users will:

1. Navigate to the TIDE login page.

2. Enter the username (email address) and the temporary password on the TIDE login page.

3. Follow the steps to create a new password, which cannot be the same as any previous password.

We would like for everyone to complete this task the same day they receive the email from AIR/TIDE/ODE. If you do not receive an email by Friday, please let me know!

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Item #1:

Meet the Team is this Thursday. Please see the linked Google Doc for more information. Projectors and screens will be available in the large meeting locations for grade level teams.

​Item #2:

On Wednesday during advisory, please have all of your students complete their "schedules" that can be shared with their parents on Meet the Team night. By Monday afternoon, blank "schedules" will be placed in your mailbox for students to complete in advisory on Wednesday. Please keep these schedules and make sure that are available on Meet the Team night.

8th Grade - You can let the parents know that you have their student's schedules available after your whole team presentation. The admin/support person in your room will stay and pass out those schedules to parents as you transition to your encore locations.

7th Grade - Please pass these schedules out to the parents when they visit you during their stop in advisory.

​Item #3:

If you would like to have a field trip considered for the 2015-2016 school year, you must complete this Google Form by Thursday, September 3rd at 2:30pm (that's THIS Thursday). We only have 3 field trips submitted for approval. You MUST complete this form if you would like to potentially take your desired field trip this year. Even if the field trip happened last year, it still must be submitted for approval. ​

Meet the Team - Thursday evening - be on time and ready to shine

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Tech Bytes

LC Schedule

The back portion of the LC will be sectioned off all week for the 7th Grade Science Team’s inference and observation crime scene. If you didn’t see it during our faculty meeting you should stop by and take a look. Let’s see if you can deduce what happened.

We can still get other classes in when the 7th Grade Classes are not using the rest of the space. Please take a look at the schedule for the LC this week. If you see a time where you could bring your class or team down when it is not being used please send Melissa an email. We would love to see you down here! We can also lend a hand in a lesson or help set up the space for a creative and flexible learning environment.

Time Already Booked:

Monday - 7:42-11:57 7th Grade Science

Tuesday - 7:42-11:57 7th Grade Science

Wednesday - 7:42-11:57 7th Grade Science

Thursday - 7:42-11:57 7th Grade Science

Friday - 7:42-11:57 7th Grade Science

Staff Device Registration

If you use a personal tablet, phone, and/or laptop at school and you use the Guest Wireless Network to connect to the internet you will need to supply us with your MAC address for those devices. Sept 14th is when we will start MAC filtering. If you have not given us your MAC address before then you will not be able to connect to the internet.

Please fill out Staff MAC (WiFi/Physical) Address Registration form for each device you need to register with us.

GAFE Summit

We are excited to be hosting the 1st ever Gafe Summit in Cincinnati, November 21-22nd (and a pre-summit on Nov. 20th) at Anderson High School. The Early Bird Registration for the Gafe Summit ends on September 21st. That means we need register participants soon in order to take advantage of the savings.

There are a limited number of registrations that we can sponsor and therefore we are asking you to inform us as to whether you are interested in attending before we begin the process of deciding on who to send. Please fill out the Gafe Summit Interest Form to let us know that you are interested in attending.

If you could help us spread the word among colleagues around the Cincinnati Area that would be fantastic!!!

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Mark's Minutes

Nagel athletics are in full swing! Home football games start Wednesday September 2nd at 4:30pm. We are still looking for staff members to fill a few “game-day” spots such as Game Manager and Ticket-Taker. Please email Mark Oppenheimer if you would like to work football or volleyball events this fall.