Carrie Underwood

A biography by:Shelby Snuffer

Basic Information

Carrie Underwood was the winner of American Idol's fourth season and went on to win multiple Grammy and Academy of country Music Awards.Carrie Underwood was born on March 10,1983,in Muskogee,Oklahoma.she had put aside her singing dreams for a degree in broadcast journalism but when she auditioned for American Idol during her senior year at Northeastern State University.everything has changed when she made it she's a awesome singer I wish that I could become a singer like she did one day.I think she's an amazing person too one day I am gonna meet her.


In 2008, at the age of 26 Carrie Underwood became the youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry. her albums include Carnival Ride, Play On and also my favorite Blown Away. of course with the song Jesus Take The Wheel. Carrie Underwood hit the top of the country charts.She sings so good and she puts so much in her singing
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In February Carrie Underwood won a Grammy Award for the best female country vocal performance. Carrie Underwood is an amazing singer and I bet she's an amazing person too. In November,she received two more CMA award for female vocalist of the year and musical event of the year, she also hosted the event for the second time a few weeks before hosting the CMA Awards. Did you also know that she was a actress and as she is a mother she has one child and is married to Mike Fisher but she doesn't know what to name her child yet

Why I Chose This Person

I chose Carrie Underwood because I think she's an amazing singer and actress too I love her songs a lot she doesn't sing anything bad I love that she finally found someone for her to spend her life time with and that they had a child too I hope she never stops singing ever I sing her songs all the time she's the best singer I heard and I have heard alot!!
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Carrie Underwood's full name is Carrie Marie Underwood as you can see she love's country,country pop,country rock and lots more. she always have a positive effect. her career is being an singer and actress
May 7,2015