Kaizen Tuning

Kaizen Tuning: Passionate about Products

Kaizen Tuning: Powerhouse Production

Kaizen Tuning employs every method available to ensure that the cars that come through their shop leave as powerhouses in whatever area their owner hopes to upgrade them. From owners that come in looking to boost efficiency in endurance races to owners that want their car to stick to the asphalt on curves at unreasonably high speeds, Kaizen Tuning attempts to give each client the greatest vehicle available.

Kaizen Tuning uses several methods to reach these stellar results. First, Kaizen Tuning has dedicated itself to bringing in the best talent available to staff its technician department. As Kaizen Tuning has grown, it has attracted auto enthusiasts from across the nation. Each enthusiast has brought with them a different type of expertise, and Kaizen Tuning's management has wisely utilized that expertise to advance the company and create excellent cars.

Second, Kaizen Tuning constantly pursues relationships with the best parts suppliers and manufacturers. These relationships with producers like Varis, Tomei, and HKS have created opportunities for clients of Kaizen Tuning to receive the best possible materials for their cars' upgrades. The strength of these relationships allows customers to know that Kaizen Tuning will have access to these high quality parts far in the future. Kaizen Tuning continues to pursue relationships with more providers while cultivating its own manufacturing arm to fill in the gaps.

Finally, Kaizen Tuning has made efforts to showcase its potential by creating custom cars for its own racing team. Headlined by a modified Lancer Evo X, Kaizen Tuning's racing team has brought home championships in time trial racing. Clients see the powerhouse Evo X sitting in the showroom and they know that Kaizen Tuning can back up its reputation. Clients know that when Kaizen Tuning gets their hands on a car, the results will be of the highest quality available.

Customer Satisfaction Central to Kaizen Tuning

The only customer worth having, in Kaizen Tuning's eyes, is a happy customer who walks away from their interaction with Kaizen Tuning satisfied. Kaizen Tuning makes every effort to meet clients' needs and build a lasting rapport between the customer and the representatives of Kaizen Tuning. Kaizen Tuning employs a range of methods to meet the desires and needs of each individual client.

The reason Kaizen Tuning places such a high value on the satisfaction of each customer is that the leadership at Kaizen Tuning understands the desire to have a great car. Each individual who works at Kaizen Tuning has a passion for custom cars, and a desire to make each car that comes through a great performance machine. The staff's love for cars and for precision driving allows Kaizen Tuning's staff to identify with the customers in a unique way. Kaizen Tuning knows that it is vital to get the details right on the client's car so the client can drive the car the way they hoped to, rather than settling for a less than perfect job.

Kaizen Tuning constantly looks for new ways to satisfy its customers. One way that was recently introduced was the addition of a new dyno apparatus in the technician's bay. The new machine has allowed Kaizen Tuning to modify cars on an even more detailed level, pushing each client's vehicle to the top of its performance potential.

The dedication to greatness and to customer satisfaction has paid off for Kaizen Tuning, and clients who have worked with the company are very happy with the products put out. As Kaizen Tuning continues to grow in the coming years, the leadership of Kaizen Tuning intends to keep customer satisfaction as their central focus, knowing that when those standards are met, the rest will fall into place.

Kaizen Tuning Emphasizes Professional Tone

Although their staff has a distinct passion for the cars that come through the doors, Kaizen Tuning makes a point of presenting a professional and polished demeanor to its clients. Unlike many other custom car garages, in which new clients may feel as though they are encroaching on someone else's world, clients who are new to Kaizen Tuning are welcomed, and every effort is made to make them comfortable, regardless of their time constraints and what they are looking for in the engine bay.

Kaizen Tuning's professional attitude stems from the conduct of its leadership. The leaders of Kaizen Tuning have backgrounds in business and know that it is best to maintain a clean and orderly shop. Because of their desire, Kaizen Tuning has grown into a truly professional enterprise today. Clients working with Kaizen Tuning can expect a consistent and organized experience. Kaizen Tuning knows that an orderly experience in the showroom leads to happier and better informed customers, and helps create returning customers as well.

Employees of Kaizen Tuning are expected to maintain a professional appearance and demeanor during their tenure with Kaizen Tuning. This includes adhering to the company dress code and keeping their workspace organized. Because clients can see into the engine bay from the showroom, Kaizen Tuning technicians are encouraged to keep an orderly workspace, allowing clients to see more clearly what is going on with their vehicle.

Clients of Kaizen Tuning have expressed their satisfaction with the professional courtesy they were shown while working with Kaizen Tuning. This includes a respect for the time constraints that clients have, as well as the willingness of Kaizen Tuning's technicians to answer any questions that the clients may have about the tuning and upgrading process. Kaizen Tuning knows that this attitude and method of conduct will create loyal customers in the future, and that professionalism breeds an atmosphere of trust between client and corporation.

Kaizen Tuning: Cutting Edge

It is important for Kaizen Tuning to remain on the very cutting edge of the automotive upgrade industry. The reason for this is simple: staying in front of the technological trends will allow Kaizen Tuning to produce better quality work for its clients. At the end of the day, everything Kaizen Tuning is structured around provides satisfaction for the clients.

Cutting edge technology often means investing money in new equipment. To house the constantly growing workshop, Kaizen Tuning has recently changed locations to a new facility that contains a large mechanic's bay and seven individual lifts. The strength of this new location is the positioning and amount of space available inside. The new space has allowed Kaizen Tuning to purchase upgraded equipment including a new dyno system. The new dyno system is among the latest on the market. Kaizen Tuning is able to utilize this machine along with the new location to run through a greater number of individual cars in a day, making sure that they work properly and that all work at Kaizen Tuning is done well.

In addition to purchasing new equipment, Kaizen Tuning is on the cutting edge of engine design. Kaizen Tuning prides itself on the new manufacturing division that it is opening. The manufacturing division allows Kaizen Tuning to create custom structures for clients' engines, allowing Kaizen Tuning to shape engines more efficiently and help clients make their cars run better.

Lastly, Kaizen Tuning constantly searches for the greatest new businesses to contract with for parts supply. Clients who choose to use Kaizen Tuning's services know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the processes and parts used at Kaizen Tuning are the top of the line, and that they are the newest and most innovative parts available to the public. Kaizen Tuning will continue to work hard to be at the top of the pack in future years.

Kaizen Tuning Thrives on Unique Builds

Unique builds and custom creations are part of a run of the mill day for Kaizen Tuning. Clients frequently come in with heavily modified cars and expect the technicians at Kaizen Tuning to accommodate the previous modifications while working on their cars. Regardless of the difficulty of the build, Kaizen Tuning makes every effort to keep the previous upgrades in place when placing new parts in or on a vehicle.

Because Kaizen Tuning is often called upon to create customized solutions including fairings, hoods, and engine assemblies, Kaizen Tuning has made the executive decision to open a new branch of the company that specializes in the fabrication of parts for the cars that come through the shop. The new synthesis division of the company will partner with the technicians in the mechanic's bay to produce custom solutions to the difficult problems posed by Kaizen Tuning's clients.

Not every client requires custom built parts. For many, it is simply a unique combination of upgrades that is desired in the car. For these, Kaizen Tuning has a team of technicians standing by who are experienced in engine design as well as engine maintenance. Kaizen Tuning technicians are frequently able to figure out the optimum configuration for an engine, thereby reducing stress on individual parts and creating a more durable product. In these situations, Kaizen Tuning uses parts from the highest quality suppliers, including HKS and Tomei. Customizing the layout of parts allows Kaizen Tuning to create more efficient engine designs and happier customers.

Kaizen Tuning prides itself on its ability to customize every part of the process to suit the needs of customers. Clients who choose to work with Kaizen Tuning can rest easy knowing that their cars will be in good hands, and that they will not have to try to jam parts into vehicles in a way that would damage the car.

Kaizen Tuning: Passionate about Products

Businesses like Kaizen Tuning do not survive long if the workers employed therein do not have a true passion for their product. Niche businesses like Kaizen Tuning must make sure their passion equals or exceeds that of their customers. Because of the in-depth level of knowledge and experience required to perform aftermarket customizations on high performance vehicles, it is important to make sure technicians truly care about their craft.

At Kaizen Tuning, it is clear that each technician has a desire to produce excellent work and that they love the cars they work on. Kaizen Tuning's technicians have come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have in common their love for cars and performance upgrades in particular. Many of the technicians employed by Kaizen Tuning began their careers working in mainstream auto shops repairing stock cars. Because they desired more challenges and a greater opportunity to improve the cars that came through, the technicians eventually found their way to Kaizen Tuning. At Kaizen Tuning, these technicians have ample opportunity to turn stock cars into works of automotive art.

Kaizen Tuning's passion as a corporation is to turn out extremely high quality products. To this end, Kaizen Tuning makes sure that every supplier of parts that signs on with them is the best possible producer. Kaizen Tuning does not deal in second-rate parts, and clients of Kaizen Tuning can trust that the work done there will be of the highest quality.

Kaizen Tuning knows that many of its clients are as passionate about performance driving as the employees of Kaizen Tuning are. Because of this, Kaizen Tuning hosts track days and other events directed at getting the performance racing community together. These events allow Kaizen Tuning clients to pit the work done at Kaizen Tuning against work done at other studios and showcases the quality of Kaizen Tuning's work.

Kaizen Tuning Understands Customers

Just like every car deserves its own customized upgrading and tuning process, each driver deserves their own customized experience. Kaizen Tuning understands that each customer needs a different set of services and a different experience tailored to their unique needs. Some customers at Kaizen Tuning may want to stick around and watch while their car is tuned. Other Kaizen Tuning clients are extremely busy and would prefer to simply leave their vehicles with Kaizen Tuning, trusting them to handle the details and minutiae of the tuning process.

Kaizen Tuning is prepared and eager to accommodate the needs of each client that comes through their doors. For those clients that are extremely involved, Kaizen Tuning boasts a set of technicians with all the answers to the driver's questions. The sales representatives at Kaizen Tuning pride themselves on their ability to answer any questions a client may have about their products and what his or her specific car needs to reach the desired level of performance. In addition to the talented and knowledgeable staff, Kaizen Tuning boasts a recently upgraded viewing area, from which involved clients can watch the expert technicians at Kaizen Tuning go to work under the hood of each car.

For busier clients, Kaizen Tuning is willing and able to provide a quick summary of the actions taken regarding the car. This allows clients with busy schedules to know what is going on and still make the rest of their appointments for the day. Also, Kaizen Tuning has a 32-car lot guarded by an automated security system. This allows busy clients to leave their car with Kaizen Tuning for the night if their schedule does not allow them to pick up the vehicle the same day.

Willingness to accommodate clients in this manner is but one example of Kaizen Tuning's desire to go the extra mile to satisfy customers.

Kaizen Tuning Knows Speed

If there is one thing that the folks at Kaizen Tuning understand above all else, it is that sometimes clients just want to go fast. Performance vehicles can be upgraded in a variety of ways, but ninety percent of upgrades have something to do with increasing overall output from the engine, and increasing the maximum speed of the car. Clients of Kaizen Tuning often come to them searching for the missing piece to give their car an extra boost over their personal speed threshold.

This desire for speed and fast cars runs deep in the veins of Kaizen Tuning's employees. The company lives and breathes performance cars, all the way from the lowest technician to the president himself. In fact, on racing circuits, Kaizen Tuning's president is the sole driver of their custom built Lancer Evo X. Having a driver as president gives Kaizen Tuning a unique insight into what drives and satisfies performance drivers. The fact that the president has actually won races and entire championships for Kaizen Tuning gives further insight into how strong of an understanding Kaizen Tuning has of their clients’ desire to compete and go fast.

It is safe to say that Kaizen Tuning knows speed well, but Kaizen Tuning also understands that speed is worthless if it cannot be controlled. To allow for better control, Kaizen Tuning offers a wide array of products, ranging from tires to airfoils and undercarriage plating, that are aimed at increasing downward force from the air around the car. This type of modification allows Kaizen Tuning to maximize the potential of each engine and transfer the potential into velocity on the road.

Kaizen Tuning's background in racing helps the workers there identify with the desire of each client to go fast, and Kaizen Tuning's leadership does everything possible to allow those dreams of speed to be fulfilled.

Internal Production: Kaizen Tuning

In many aspects of its business, Kaizen Tuning relies heavily on outside suppliers for the parts used in its aftermarket upgrades. Kaizen Tuning knows that it is best to leave mass production to the businesses that specialize in it, and utilize their fine craftsmanship to augment the considerable skill present in the Kaizen Tuning work bay. However, there comes a time when even the best mass producer cannot create what is needed for a project.

Above all, Kaizen Tuning understands that a client does not want to waste previously done modifications in order to add new specs to their car. Because of this, Kaizen Tuning has always made an effort to work around previously upgraded parts in client vehicles. Even with this concerted effort, Kaizen Tuning sometimes has to admit they are unable to use mass produced parts to accomplish what clients want.

Recently, Kaizen Tuning has come up with a solution to the problem of custom parts. Kaizen Tuning has taken it upon itself to open a full synthesizing and production unit that is affiliated with the auto shop. While most clients do not require custom made parts, the few that do will be very appreciative of the efforts Kaizen Tuning has made.

Kaizen Tuning's manufacturing arm will partner with Kaizen Tuning's technicians to supply them with parts to augment standard upgrades from Kaizen Tuning's suppliers.

The new manufacturing branch of Kaizen Tuning will allow Kaizen Tuning to create custom mounts and housings for parts, along with custom piping, exhaust systems, and engine builds.

Clients of Kaizen Tuning should be thrilled at the level of precision that Kaizen Tuning maintains in their builds, and the presence of a fabrication facility will only increase the level of production that Kaizen Tuning maintains. Kaizen Tuning remains at the forefront of the automotive customization industry.