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Back in the day..

 When I was a little girl I always hated cooking or cooking shows.As I got older I started to make brownies, as I got more and more experienceI started to cook dinner for my family.  Since then I am known for making brownies. My favorite memory of me cooking was making my sister her birthday cake; I was so excited to make it!!

My Cooking Styles

What I do when I cook is, look at all the ingredients then get them all together on the counter. When I do that it is so much easier to cook because if I don’t then I am everywhere looking for the ingredients.  For example the reason why I do this is because I am a visual person, one time I did not get all the ingredients out and it took me about an hour just to look for the stuff.


Like for me I have made brownies so much I have memorized how to make them and where everything is to make them so I don’t have to use that method on brownies but for anything I else I cook I have to use that method. I love to make all sorts of different kinds of food like, Cake, Chocolate covered strawberries, Lemon Bars, Cookies, Cupcakes, exc.


My love for cooking is like my love for my family. I cook about everyday, but if I cant then I at least try to. I cook, not because i have to, but because, I really love to. Everday at school I get asked to make my brownies for them, for Example Caitlyn Thoene always askes for my amazing brownies.

These pictures were all from google, I do not own them.

- Kirsta Reynolds