The Vietcong

A training guide

Training and Tactics

Every soldier will get basic infantry training, but if you are recruited to a main force unit, you could get a month of advanced instruction. You may also get weapons and radio training. Every soldier will also get political instruction to ensure that everyone knows why we're fighting.

Different tactics include:

  • Guerrilla warfare: this is a tactic includes hit and run ambush attacks that are quite effective towards the unsuspecting enemy
  • Use of tunnels and shelters as a base: the tunnels and shelters are hidden and vital to our mission as protection and a base of operations.
  • Booby traps: booby traps should be placed around the forest. We know this land far better than the enemy ever will, and booby traps will be highly effective when they cannot see them coming, as well as being relatively easy to set up.
  • We must keep our morale. We are fighting for our country and our way of life, and we must not give up no matter what the enemy throws at us and stay resilient.

The Weapons

  • Machine guns similar to the AK-47 of America, provided to us by the Chinese and the Soviets, along with many other machine guns provided by them. These are very useful against the American helicopters
  • Rocket propelled grenades and recoilless rifles that are used to destroy armored vehicles or bunkers
  • Mortars, which can be transported relatively easily and can be quite powerful
  • Homemade or repurposed mines to be set around the forest as booby traps. We can reuse the ones the Americans and South Vietnam try to use against us, as well as make our own.
  • Punji traps and other more primitive booby traps. The hidden spikes in pits could disable an enemy soldier and render them useless.


We will be using various weapons such as machine guns, grenades, and booby traps in ambushes against the enemy. We will protect our vast underground bases, and after the training all soldiers will commit themselves to the cause and not give up. We are fighting for our country, and we will stay resilient until victory.