Lighting Practicum

Do you know your equipment

This is your Practicum Part II. When completed put in same Powerpoint that you dropped your Equipment Pics with Cards make sure to label each section and turn in to the Jr. Folder/Practicum on my laptop on Friday April 3rd..

Natural Light

Natural Light photography
Photography Tip: Using a Reflector

Natural Light Assignment

Shoot three pictures where you use Natural Light only in first, Natural and Bounce in 2nd and Natural Light, Bounce and an artificial light in 3rd.

Harsh Contrast

Holy Cannoli

Assignment Harsh Light

Using a model or talent set up three scenarios where you create a harsh light 3 separate shots changing light angles not camera angles. You can only use two lights.
The Basics of Lighting for Film Noir

Three Point Lighting Assignment

Shoot a subject with each stage and all of Triangle lighting (3 pt lighting). Include the name of each with the picture next to it on each one of one slide. Then take a picture of the subject with all on the next slide with explanation of where and what the lights are.

4 Pics in total.

CTO and CTB Gel Assignment

Set up an object or talent in a creative pose and angle one with and one without CTO and CTB. 3 pics total