Social Security Act

August 14 , 1935

Who is this intended for?

This program is intended for helping people who have disabilities like being blind, deaf, or being handicapped. Also this help people had insurance when they were unemployed.

What did the program intended to do?

The Social Security Act(SSA) was intended to to help America to recover from The Great Depression.

Does the program fall under Relief, Recovery, or Reform program of the New Deal?

The Social Security Act fall under the the Reform Program of Roosevelt's New Deal. Also the Reform made it permanent to avoid another economic crisis.

Was the Social Security Act successful at relieving the Great Depression?

The amount of the benefits is related to covered earnings, the program is intended to provide a base of protection, and benefits are financed primarily through dedicated payroll taxes paid by workers and their employers.

How does this program add to your understanding of the great depression?

There were unemployed poor people, so they needed to be watched closed and get paid and there taxes go to the people who could work.

Does this program still exist today?

Yes, while the program fundamentals have remained the same over 5 decades, much has changed. As American work and life patterns have changed, so too Social Security has been adapted to meet current expectations.
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The Social Security Act of 1935
1.) Program was to help poor people get back their lives.

2.) The program still continues to this very day.

3.) This program helped millions of Americans for 70 years to avoid poverty.