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Weekly Blog November 30th-December 4th, 2015

Our Story: Learning Labs

Its beginning to feel like the holidays are upon us as students have been discovering the scents of peppermint and evergreen in their water play and play dough sensory exploration. Pinecones, evergreen sprigs, and cranberries are adding to this experience! Create learning labs at the house over winter break for your child to continue the exploration at home! An impromptu art project turned into one of our favorite so far this year. Students colored simple triangles and then used various sized circles as stampers to add a new dimension to the trees! They came out so bright and creative that we are so excited to share them with you! If you find your child has been signing away to Jingle Bells lately you can blame that one on us. It has become a favorite as we sing along and play our jingle bells! In music appreciation we have started to learn about orchestra with focus on The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint Saens. Each piece in the collection features a different animal and we are focusing on the tone of the instruments and the feeling that the music can evoke. Students have already realized that a piano can sound light and upbeat or dark and ominous!
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For the Holidays!

Dear Santa Baby and TerraNichol Parents,

The Teaching Team at TerraNichol Academy has been very nice this school year. As well as Stella Bunny and Valentino. We have spread love, kindness, happiness and patience. We have worked as a team to support and aid our environment by providing our students the education to raise the Earth and not hurt the earth. We stay healthy and eat our growing vegetables and food. We have provided an enriching, creative, safe and nurturing learning lab environment for our students to thrive in their developmental skills. Most of all we love what we do, shaping minds of our future citizens of the world.

We hope you will spread the love and happiness back to us this holiday season by providing some of the items on our AMAZON wish list. We would rather give back to our learning environment with new materials then to have gifts for ourselves. Look even Stella Bunny and Valentino have a Santa Wish list!




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Local Holiday Shopping! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Did you know that you can do some of your holiday shopping right here at TerraNichol Academy!? Shop our organic, non toxic Ava Andersen Line, our Perfectly Posh Products, super cute and convenient Baggu Totes as well as fun stocking stuffers like TerraSoul Chocolatte Lip Balm and Soy Rock Crayons! No lines, no fuss, and quality products that give back to your child's school!
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Got Stains?

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We Got Spirit!

Many students showed their school spirit by wearing the new school spirit shirts. We love the colorfulness and the student artwork! Students are invited to wear their school spirit shirts on Thursdays:)

Per student and parent request we are having another Team Spirit Day! Students are invited to show their allegiance to their favorite football team. High School, College or Professional it doesn't matter! Even if you don't have a team shirt or hat, wear your teams favorite colors, put ribbons in your hair, or team color socks! Get creative and have fun!

Team Spirit Day:

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

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November was about Giving Back

We thank those who participated in the Perfectly Posh Fundraiser for Nate's Honor Rescue! We are pleased to donate to one of our most favorite organizations!

TerraNichol Academy, its families, and friends raised $100 by purchasing good for you products that will make great holiday gifts. We Love Perfectly Posh and Nate's Honor Rescue!

Also thank you to those who purchased supplies of Nate's Honor Rescue Amazon Wish List! Don't forget Nate's Honor accepts donations all throughout the year!

Saving animals 2 lives at a time!!!!!

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School will closed for Winter Break

December 21st 2015 -January 1st, 2016

Welcome New Friends in January! We will need Parent Mentors!

Please give a warm welcome to our new friends and families.

Aubrey- (Alice's Sister) The Postell Family

Oscar -The Traverso Family

Jordon -Jill Elligson

If anyone is still needing volunteer hours parent mentoring is a great way to earn your hours. Volunteer to guide and support our new families on their first day of school Monday January 4th from 8am-9am. Please email Miss Terra if you would be interested in mentoring our new families.

We will need at these two parent mentors.

Thank you!