Digital Citizenship

Rancho del Rey Middle Library

What is this about?

Providing options to teachers

The teaching of digital citizenship is one of the things that Librarians do. I want to save you time. We are now juggling professional and personal lives from home and time is precious. Linked below are five lessons that I have created around digital citizenship. The lessons center on five topics which are: Internet Safety, Netiquette, Cyberbullying, Information Privacy and Social Media. See directions below to access a copy of the course for you to use with your students.

How can we use them?

One suggestion would be for each core subject deparment (Math, English, Science, Social Studies), to select one lesson to teach. The fifth remaining lesson, may be taught by the electives. There are a total of five lessons. It would be best if the same lesson was not taught by more than one department.

Sign-up your department here. First come, first served.

I'm still confused. How many options are there?

You have three options*

Option 1: use the Digital Citizenship Canvas course linked above. Any teacher may freely use this and decide how many modules to assign. You will be the teacher of record and will be responsible for evaluating student work. See directions below on how to access the course.

Option 2: as a department/plc, select one of the five hyperdocs below. We don't want the same lesson taught by more than one department. If that happens, the same student may see the same lesson twice. Any teacher teaching these lessons will be the teacher of record and will be responsible for evaluating student work.

Option 3: do your own thing and/or customize the hyperdoc to your own needs

*you may reach out to the Librarian any time if you would like to collaborate more closely in delivering these lessons

How do I find a copy of the Digital Citizenship Canvas Course?


Login to Canvas. From the portal page, select "Commons." Do a key word search, "RDM Digital Citizenship." Click on the course image. Import it. You are done.

How do I make the hyperdocs available to my students?


Work with your department and select a hyperdoc lesson you will all teach. Open the hyperdoc, go to "file," select "make a copy," make any necessary changes and publish it in the LMS you are using. That easy.

Information Privacy

You may find the hyperdoc here.


You may find the hyperdoc here.


You may find the hyperdoc here.

Internet Safety

You may find the hyperdoc here.

Social Media

You may find the hyperdoc here.

Will there be any training available?

Yes. I will hold a Zoom session on Tuesday, April 14th at 11:30 a.m. to go over the details of the lessons. I will send the link via email. I will cover what a hyperdoc is, and some of the tools I made use of such as Wonderopolis. You do not need to attend the training to use the curriculum. To customize the lessons, open them in Google Drive and under "File" select "make a copy."

It's a virtual library!

Wonderopolis is a virtual library run by human editors who manage and vet content that is of high quality. It is completely inquiry driven. Students submit questions about anything in their mind and the editors respond with an article matched with an educational video. The site is completely free. A number of key features include: text-to-speech, text size adjuster, parts of speech identifier, and article translator. There is no need for a login.

Watch the screencast below

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