Digital Citizen Project

Kallie Yenchek Period 2

Top 7 Digital Citizen Rules:

  1. Make sure to check anything before you post it, and make sure someone can't take it the wrong way that you intended it to be. (ex:jokes)
  2. Don't type in any personal information into a website right away, because they might use you for spam, or they might spam you.
  3. When making a profile, don't use any pictures that are embarrassing or private.
  4. Keep your identity a secret online.
  5. Remember if you send a message to someone online, remember that the person you are talking to has feelings, and is not a robot.
  6. Don't copy and paste text from any website, without giving the website credit.
  7. Not just copying and pasting text is plagiarism, saying music, art, or anything online is yours, but someone else did it, is plagiarism.
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What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is being careful of what you post, and send online. On the internet, to follow Digital Citizenship, you need to be kind to one another, and also respectful. Also, if you need some information on a topic, you look it up, and use this information, you need to give whatever source/website that you get the information on, credit of what it did. Don't forget, to have Digital Citizenship, you need to read and check over anything that you are going to post, such as making a website, emailing anyone, and being in online chat rooms, to make sure that something you post cannot offend anyone.
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Is it important to show Digital Citizenship? Why is it important to show Digital Citizenship?

Yes it is important to show Digital Citizenship. It is important to show Digital Citizenship because, if you don't you might create conflict. For example, you enter a chat room with your best friends Emily and Arianna, and you say that Emily said at school the other day that she hated Angle. Now Emily and Arianna hate each other. (Good job) Also, you need to check anything that you post or text on the internet. Another example is , say you were in a online chat room and you say as a joke "I hate you". Someone in that chat room will probably take it as not a joke. Then, you are known as cyberbully. This means that you are a bully online, for something you didn't mean. Just be careful on what you do online.
Digital Citizenship For Teens