Snowball Earth Theory

By Aidan

The Snowball Earth Theory says that the earth was once almost fully covered in ice.
The Ice Covered World

In 1992 a paper was published by Joseph Kirschvink and coined the name "Snowball Earth". Scientists found out that the temperatures ranged from heated to freezing. Also, scientists say that if the world froze over completely it wouldn't have unfroze. It has been proven that green gasses caused by CO2 melted all the ice from the surface of the planet.

Ancient Ice

Some rocks have survived and had traces of ancient ice that is assumed to be from the time of "Snowball Earth". Mysteriously one of the types of rocks can only be found at the equator (which is where the earth is really hot). This meant that there must have been ice near the equator.

Ancient Rocks

Glacial rocks are formed when glaciers pick up rocks while moving and drop them off somewhere else. There are also carbonate rocks which form when carbon dioxide dissolves in water. Usually they form in warm places. The mystery rock or unknown rock forms when ice rocks are smooshed together with rocks on the seafloor.

Snowball Earth?


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