By Claire Geiman

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General Information

Population: 5,674,472

Capital: Singapore

Leader: President Tony Tan

Government: Democratic Republic

Languages: Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Tamil, and English

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Sports and Entertainment

Many sports are played in Singapore. Football (soccer), basketball, cricket, rugby, swimming, badminton, motor sports, and cycling are all popular sports in Singapore. One major sport and team in Singapore is the Singapore Cricket Association. They are ranked 27th globally and has over 100 teams participating in the Singapore Cricket Association.
For entertainment, many people in Singapore enjoy music, art, literature, museums, art galleries, and orchard art trails. Some popular music in Singapore include 7 Years by Lucas Graham, Cheap Thrills by Sia, and Work from Home, by Fifth Harmony. Those are songs we listen to, too. As you can see, people in Singapore do many things that people in the United States do.
Singapore is also home to some very interesting tourist attractions. You could visit The Singapore Flyer, a 165 mile tall public observation wheel, which is a wheel that looks like a ferris wheel that the public observe the city with. Many people enjoy it better at night, because at night, the lights of the Singapore Flyer light up, and its very pretty to look at, since its on the Marina Bay. Also, you could visit the Singapore Zoo, a 64 acre zoo in a rain forest setting, and The Nation Singapore Art Gallery. The National Singapore Art Gallery oversees the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art, and it holds over 8,000 pieces of artworks.
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In Singapore, they celebrate a lot of holidays. For example, Chinese New Year, Vesak Day, which celebrates the religion of Buddhism making 2,500 years. There's also Deepavili Day, which celebrates the victory of light against darkness, Good Friday, and Christmas. Singapore also celebrates some of the holidays that we do in the United States.
If you like good food, then you should go to Singapore. some of there main and most popular dishes include rominised chasu, chicken noodle, and crab bee hoon. If you like warm weather, you should travel down there too. You will find people wearing shorts and tee-shirts in Singapore due to there hot and humid weather.
If your also looking for a good school too, Singapore is the place for you too! There average literacy rate, which means age 15 and over can read and write, is 95.9%. Male and Female alone are: Male: 98%, and Female: 93,8%. There number of University graduates is 15,376 people, and there number of Polytechnic Graduates is 25,956 people.


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