There was once a time when the African Hippo was sleek, slender and super-fast. The leopard was originally lazy and lethargic. On a particularly hot summer's day, the hippo challenged his Languid friend Laura to a race. Laura accepted Henry the Hippo's unusual proposal for fun! Mya the Meerkat dropped the fern leaf to indicate that the race had started when Henry shot off the starting line.

Laura moved along at her own pace, she was very sensible. In fact she kept mind of the heat, to keep her from dehydrating and she also considered the rough and uneven ground in which she would be racing on. Hence the need for her water breaks and light footed steps.

Henry on the other hand was quite silly in which the way he handled the race. There were no water breaks for him, no need for light footedness in his mind. He hurried along in a feat to win, to conquer!

Half way along the straight and sweltering track, Henry was beginning to become tired and sore. He stopped for a little break to catch his breath. As he stooped over to regain normal breathing, Laura passed him unknowingly. The finish line wasn't far now. Laura was metres away from the end when she heard an all mighty yell!

Henry was the source of noise. He had twisted his ankle in the process of trying to beat Laura. Over the years, the Hippopotimus became slower and heftier. Laura's species of leopard headed in the opposite direction, where they started to become faster and more active.

Our actions can change the way which we live our lives and ultimately the lives of others around us and those who are to come.